Feb 24, 2011

trading spaces!

hey friends! good news... all you lovelies who put a bug in my ear to start blogging again, surprise! i've moved! http://faithfromfibro.wordpress.com/

love you all :)

Feb 7, 2011


hey y'all! oh my goodness, it's been a long time.

first off, how the heck are ya?!? you could have moved across the country and i would have missed it since i've been gone! what's everyone up to? school? work?

goodness gracious, a lot of things have changed in my life as well, and i thought i'd swing by to update you guys. i've gotten some INCREDIBLY sweet comments and emails from my blog friends saying hi and checking on me, and can i just say how much that means to me? you guys rock my world.

so, where do i begin?

- i finished last semester with straight A's! i think that might have been the first time ever in the history of education. it was doubly a huge blessing because it was my first semester back and i was scared out of my mind!

- i started taking classes again this semester, but with everything going on health-wise, right now just wasn't the right time, so i withdrew. again. yesss.... i wasn't very happy about this, and i still am not. it breaks my heart to not be able to move forward, but you know, God is good. He's shown me a million reasons why withdrawing was the right choice. it still kinda stings, though, but i know this isn't the end of the road for me :)

- i have a job interview this morning! i am TERRIFIED to come back to work, since it's been over a year since i had to quit my job before. i am just applying for a front desk position at my local gym, nothing big, but for me? it's HUGE. i am so looking forward to being able to love on people first thing in the mornings. i might be the first face they see everyday, and what better opportunity to show love than that? AND bring in a paycheck?!? i'm psyched (as is my dwindling savings account!).

- i had to put running on hold right now. just not working out so well with the body, but i have still been able to be active! i'm realizing it doesn't matter whether or not what i do is considered a "workout," that just being active is the key to a healthy body. whether that's a walk or a 100 mile run, who cares? take care of yourself, and let the details rest.

- i decided to grow my hair back out! who knows how long it will end up, but i decided i really miss the soft femininity of longer hair. when i'm really fibro-y, it would be nice to have something soft and beautiful to kinda "distract" from the bleariness of my eyes, ya know? we shall see.

- as far as pain/fibro goes, honestly, it's been awful. it's been a struggle every day, and it's taken a lot bigger toll emotionally than i expected. i'm not sure why it shocks me to still be struggling to grasp this a year later, but it is and it does, daily. but God is so good - there isn't a day that goes by where i don't realize how much this has shaped my life, for the better. God continues to bless me through it and by it, and that blows me away. don't get me wrong, it still brings me to tears almost every day, but when you see the purpose in something, it makes it all worthwhile, doesn't it?

- i've been cooking dinner most nights here! it's been an awesome journey in the kitchen. i'm getting more and more comfortable, and learning tons of new skills/techniques, thank goodness! i have been doing a lot of soups, but also some more "structured" foods for our meals. i did get my celiac test again, and i am sticking to gluten-free from here on out. can i just say, I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER! seriously. if you struggle with bloating, i HIGHLY recommend seriously committing to a trial run of going gluten-free. it might be pointless, but if it could possibly help at all, don't you deserve that?

- as far as eating by a label, i will just say i am not currently able to eat vegan. my weight was suffering to the point of being dangerous, and i am still working with what is the best food for treating my body right. am i an omnivore/pescatarian/whatever? honestly, i don't really care, nor do i feel the need to "define" myself. i will keep you posted on how it goes!

now your turn! what's going on!?!?

Nov 10, 2010

i miss y'all! and product review.

hey friends!!! i hope you all are having a wonderful wednesday morning. i slept until almost 7am, and am home alone enjoying the quiet right now :) what have you been up to? and i can't thank you enough for leaving those wonderful comments on my last post. you seriously made me feel incredibly loved, and it's incredible to know i matter to so many amazing people i've never even "met!"

a quick update? the fibro is pretty poopy, but God never stops doing amazing things to prove to me that life ISN'T about how i feel. it's about so much more than that! i'm realizing that this illness is the biggest gift He could have given me, because it made me WAKE the heck up and start praising Him for the incredible things He's doing in my life, and in the the lives of those around me. i've had the incredible opportunity to get to know some amazing girls in my life, and i am realizing now just how blessed I am.

school is going ok, and i can't believe i'm about to finish my first semester back in school! what a gift. life is going well at home, and i have been able to spend a fair amount of time with my mom which is wonderful. i'm helping her cook thanksgiving dinner this year, so keep me in your prayers!!! i've just been enjoying each new day, even though there have been many that were hard and i wanted to give up. if i can encourage you guys at all - never give up! EVER! you have no idea what the very next day will bring... and life is usually best understood when you can step back and look at it with new eyes. they say hindsight is 20-20, right?

just a quick shoutout of thanks to CSN for a wonderful product to review. i was blown away to be able to order 3 2-quart containers from Frieling. i really needed something to freeze soups in for my mom, and CSN graciously came through! i love these containers (yeah, i do. got a problem with that?), and they work perfectly in the fridge or freezer. and ps - if you need soup recipies, email me! i serioulsy have a quite the collection building here.


in other news, i've joined the dark side. no seriously, i'm a brunette now! i've been toying with the idea to dye my hair for a loooong time, but wanted to wait until the weather cooled down some (doesn't dark hair seem like winter?). and thanks to the evil influence of this girl, i made the jump! here are a few quick photos i snapped for y'all this morning... up close and personal, no?

aaaaanddddd enough of my face. i haven't been reading blogs recently due to school and meeting so many new people at my new church, but i seriously love you and all am praying for each and every one of you. fill me in if i've missed anything big or small, they all are important to me!

love y'all! hope to be back soon :)

Nov 4, 2010


hey beautiful (and handsome!) friends -

how are you all!? i miss hearing about your days and what you've been up to. just had to pass on something i found worth mentioning.

if you have a second, would you read this article about body image and disability? it makes you think and might just open up a whole new world to you, one where those with disabilities aren't scary or weird, but beautiful.

thoughts/reactions? any news i need to hear?! i love y'all!

p.s. - i will be back with a product review soon, and hopefully a little update post soon!

Oct 16, 2010

thanks are due.

Hey guys! How is everyone!??! I seriously miss y’all like crazy. I haven’t really been able to read many blogs or comment nearly as much as you deserve, but such is life, right? What’s been kickin’ in your neck of the woods the last few weeks?

Unfortunately I’ve still been struggling with getting to school and the pain is fairly poopy at best, but you know what? Praise god for doing amazing things regardless! I seriously have never been more in awe and more grateful for life. If you take nothing else away from this blog, please know your Creator loves you so, so much! It changes your life, y’all.

As much as I wish I could say I’m back, I’m just stopping in to thank a few companies who have been more than generous to me during my little break:

First of all, shout-out to CSN for hookin’ y’all up with an awesome giveaway – how sweet of them, right? As if that wasn’t generous enough, they’ve asked me to do a product review, coming soon! CSN is an awesome collection of websites that has everything from drop leaf tables to kitchen appliances, and I have no idea what to review! I’m thinking a vegetable spiralizer...? yes?

Also, artisana sent me an amazing package packed full of their new raw nut butters, seriously way too kind! please check them out! What an amazing company that runs their business just how i would. They have new flavors out that make me swoon – macadamia nut butter, cashini (cashews and tahini), chocolate coconut butter?!?! Trust me, you won’t regret it grabbing some, and your sammies will thank you.

And today I got the cutest package from larabar! I won their cocoa mole retirement giveaway, and not only did they send a few bars (my mom’s excited about them!), but they also sent the CUTEST t-shirt! I’ll post a picture soon!

Thank you to these incredibly sweet companies, and thank you guys for being such amazing friends!


Oct 10, 2010

worst post ever.

hey friends! i hope everyone is having a rockin' weekend. i got treated to lunch at the Whole Foods hot bar yesterday! definitely a highlight of my week.

so i'm finally sitting down to write something i've been avoiding for quite some time... and i don't like it one bit. as i've been alluding for the last month or so, my fibro is moving into a rather poopy place right now, and i've been struggling to accept that. i sleep most of the day, am having a hard time getting to classes, and just have no energy for anything. i'm not trying to whine - i'm really ok with it! it's frustrating, yes, but i'm learning to honor my body for what it is and praise God no matter what is happening physically.

not sure why, but i didn't take into account how draining the process of going back to school would be. in my mind, i think i'm still in denial about how limited i am - i'm 21 years old, for goodness sakes! but i forget that doesn't make me invincible :)

i also have had to own up to the fact that i'm completely wiped out emotionally. each day is an enormous spiritual and physical battle, and i'm struggling to handle it. i cry a lot, i wimp out daily, and i often forget how incredibly blessed i am. i'm realizing i need to allow myself to heal and just learn the lessons God is graciously teaching me - a skill i've never allowed myself to master in the past.

while i'm in this place, though, i don't have a lot to give to you guys... there's just nothing left! and you all deserve the absolute best and 100% of my attention. i won't settle with crappy posts and surface-y, feel-good discussions that don't challenge or encourage either of us!

the funny thing is, now that i'm sleeping all day instead of only 2 or 3 hours, i don't have the time to accomplish everything i want to... and one of those things is blogging. it absolutely breaks my heart because the connection i have with you all is one of the biggest blessings in my life. i seriously can't tell you how much you all mean to me! but right now, i have to get school done and help take care of my family first.

so please know, my heart is with you guys each and every second of the day. you all are constantly in my prayers and thoughts. i seriously wouldn't be who i am without your influence, guidance, and ceaseless encouragement, and i am incredibly thankful for that! i'm not sure how long i'll need to step away from blogging, but know that i absolutely love emailing you guys, and would be thrilled to hear from you - nelsonrr (at) mymail (dot) vcu (dot) edu. and i will try to stop by your blogs when i get the time, but know you guys are constantly on my heart. love y'all!

please keep in touch!
- rebekah

Oct 6, 2010

can i say something?

i haven't been exactly too sure how to approach all the drama recently, and honestly? i don't really care about it.

i think everyone is so caught up in "whose side" they're on that they're missing the point. anytime the poop hits the fan, we should try to step back, chill the heck out, and see the nugget of truth in the situation.

so i don't really care how you feel about the article, truthfully, but i do care about you. instead, i'm asking you to really dig deep and consider these questions:

how's your relationship with food? how do you feel about the way you eat and your body? how do others react to your habits?