Mar 24, 2010

obsession, a success, and a FAIL

hello beautifuls. top 'o tha marnin' to ya.
(what's that? you don't talk like a leprechaun at six a.m.? oh.)

we made it to hump day! the weather here is supposed to be a gorgeous 73 degrees and sunny today, so i'm anticipating a good day :) (hear that, local lovely ladies?)
how has you guys' week been so far?
as a quick recap, yesterday i ran about 2193840329 thousand errands and got the opportunity to catch up with an old church friend at panera. she's planning on going to liberty in the fall (where i completed my freshman year), so she had a few questions for me about that.... glad to be of service! even though we met at panera, the food palace of the gods, it was at a weird time, and i wasn't super hungry (plus i'm a CHEAPOOOOO). i had a jocalat chocolate bar in my purse, and noshed on that around 10:30am or so. i think i like the regular larabars better... .which i don't know how. they don't have chocolate in them! i HAD to try the jocalats out because whole foods was having a sale... TWO for $1.50(!!!). they also had the luna protein on sale for $.50! go whole foods/my second home!
(anyone wanna help a sister out with some samples?!? hey, a starving blogger can dream.)

then i went to pick up my forever-broken computer, and SO FAR it works ok. i've only been able to freeze that sucker up once, and i think that was actually legit - my fault. electronics and i aren't exactly friends...
i came home after my little panera chat sesh and ate lunch with my momma (i made an egg white wrap with tj's chipotle salsa, and a chiquita, naturally).

ok, so here are the (success), (obsession), and (fail) parts of my day:
after that, i got to head up to the gym and do my interval running workout! i LOVE this session during the week. hello runner's high! does any body else just feel like a freakin' ninja after they do an interval workout?
proceeded as follows:
warm up - 5 mins walk on 3.2mph
gettin' ready - 5 mins pace work at 6.2mph (my standard easy jog speed)
here we go! - one min 6.5mph and one min 7.5mph x 9 (18 mins)
cool down - 3 mins jog at 6.0mph, 5 mins walk
then continue on your day feelin' pretty B.A.!!!

i did some quick abs after this and then stretched.
true statement: i'm not gonna lie, y'all, i have a new year's resolution.

don't laugh.
my goal is to FINALLY get some definition in that bottom ab area (you know, the one that's IMPOSSIBLE to define?). it's kinda a stupid goal, but i hate when there's something i can't do, and try as i may, i've never been able to define that part of my stomach. this goal isn't for anyone else's benefit but my own satisfaction of beating this thing!!!
................not that i'll mind the victory come bikini season, just sayin' :)

the food!
when i got home i was a hangry fiend, so i made my new favorite!!! mix:
1/2 c cottage
20 graham bunnies(!!!!)


i'm serious as a heart attack, y'all. i could eat this all-day-long. everyday, all day, until i am 23098403lbs.
no, seriously.
growing up, graham crackers were always my favorite food, but as i got older, i just couldn't enjoy them with all the trans fats and preservatives. my daily treat got pushed back to a once yearly treat when it was debuted to hold marshmallows and chocolate. not that i'm knockin' s'mores, but dayyyum i missed those little guys. so it's been my mission to find a substitute to qwell my craving recently.


annie's graham bunnies!!!
purchased JOYOUSLY at whole foods - $3.49 for 8 servings.
not too shabby.

this company can do no wrong, y'all. i wish that they somehow magically added veggies and fruit into these little suckers because i swear they single-handedly could sustain life.
mine, in particular.
until i'm 100.
and happy with my life filled with graham crackers.

but then, you combine it with friendship 1% cottage cheese, and my heart cannot contain the emotions. i sweetened it up a bit with about half a packet of stevia.

but what goes up, must come down.
i have a confession to make......

...................i. hate. pumpkin........................
please don't egg my house, pumpkin-lovin' bloggers! i mean no harm!
don't get me wrong... i've really tried to like it.
i made pumpkin black bean enchiladas, pumpkin mousse, and pumpkin chocolate cinnamon oats.

how could those things be bad?!?!? 

i really tried, you guys. and i failed.
not enough stevia and chocolate in the world could sway me on this one.

do any of you guys use the liquid stevia drops? i only have the packets of granulated stevia and want some opinions about the liquids. does it "burn out" like vanilla extract?
- r


  1. don't feel bad, im not much of a pumpkin fan either. the only time i liked it was when i made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. they were amazing... just a *hint* of pumpkin. promise!

  2. Thanks again for stopping by my blog!
    I thought I would like the chocolate flavored larabars also but wasn't a fan! Gotta love when they are on sale cause they can easily burn a hole in my wallet.
    Have a great day!

  3. At least you tried the pumpkin before you decided you didn't like it! (I guess this means I should try the cottage cheese, haha)

    I've never tried the Jocolat bars. I've only ever tried an apple pie Larabar. But I've made a bunch of different date/nut combinations, with Chocolate-Covered Katie's "babies" as inspiration. LOVE!


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