Apr 3, 2010

friday foodzzzz

i'm not quite sure why i'm not sleeping right now... i've been up since 4am and it's past midnight.
body, we need to talk. insomnia is SO 2009.
i didn't toss and turn or anything. i was just up and at 'em at around 4 something. it was a good thing, however, because shortly after my little sister got up to leave for her spring break. she and her buddy are driving to tampa, florida!!! when i was 18, there was NO WAYYYYY my mom would have let me do that. but i'm happy for her :)

some of her swag i picked up from wf...
cashew cookie larabars, justin's maple almond butter (!), ener-g brown rice bread, and cream of buckwheat. you know, normal stuff.

to send her off right, i made her some banana bread millet:
½ c millet
1 reaaaaally ripe banana (not sad to see him go!)
3 prunes
1 packet stevia
1 c milk
sprinkle cinnamon and nutmeg
splash vanilla extract

how I did it, and what you shouldn’t do
I toasted my millet in the bottom of my pot first. That was all well and good. But I got the crazy idea (hey, it was 5am!) that it would be a good idea to go ahead and boil the milk in the micro so I could just add it right to the toasted millet. Sounds good, right? Well apparently I’m the only one who didn’t know that hot pot + hot liquid = hot explosion on your countertop.

it does.

after I washed the milk foam from all over hell and back, I brought the millet back to a boil, then cut it down to simmer for years and years… ok, more like 25 minutes or so. She loved it, so that’s all good.

because i'm a terrible blogger before sunrise, no pic. but here's another egg wrap to add to my growing collection:

1/2 c egg whites, pinch salt and pepper, garlic and onion powder, sauteed mushrooms.
sex on a plate!

after breakfast, my mom and I were supposed to go on a walk in our nice weather (it got to 85 here in Richmond!!), but she didn’t sleep much either, so we rescheduled until tomorrow. I went to the gym and started reading some new james patterson book. I got about 5 pages in, got bored, and talked to my friend zach for the rest of the time on the elliptical. today was an easy cardio day, so not too worried.

upon my return, i promtly snacked my face off on what else? cottage cheese oats!
1/2 c cottage cheese
1/2 c old fashioned oats
packet stevia
1/2 tbsp liquid crack (a.k.a. white chocolate wonderful!)

also, i daily consume about 10932043 cups of this:


I threw myself at the bed for an hour after eating. It was gooood...
Eventually I reemerged, then went to California pizza kitchen for lunch with the boy!

 I hadn’t been in ages, and I totally forgot to take a picture because I was so hungry! the line to get in was CRAAAZY long today because of the nice weather, and the boy and i were not pleased. I got the grilled vegetable salad…

credit-o. because i was too hungry.

omg – it’s heaven. It has pretty much every grilled veggie you could ask for! grilled corn, asparagus, zucchini, sun dried tomatoes, and avocado. I didn’t even need salad dressing it was so good.

The boy and I shopped in urban outfitters and levi’s for a bit before he had to go back to work. I got a scarf!

And I wore it. Obviously.

... still squinting from that flash.

and i finally got to wear sandals!

After that, I pretty much sat inside on this gorgeous day like a bum.
But… I won my first giveaway!!! Tropical traditions coconut cream concentrate!

If you guys have any ideas on what to use it for, please share! Thank you to Stephanie!
Later, mom and my older sister and I got a girl’s night out! We graced Tara Thai with our presence.

 It was fantastic, as usual.

i ordered the plah goong - cashew shrimp in lime-chili sauce!
i get it everytime. i try so hard to pick something else, but it's just that good!

and now, food porno, friday style :)

we're pretty heavy drinkers, us three.




sense a shrimp theme?
us too.

right before that, i was totally vanna white-ing my plate, but mom couldn't get the camera to work.
so now, i'm just cheesin'.

and my nightcap:

trader joe's berry blend, sprinkled with stevia.
so good frozen.

well i'm finally hittin' the sack. hope you guys had a great friday!
tomorrow i am going bikini shopping (eek!), then to a friend's house for a little pre-easter dinner.
i also have a post planned on soy... stay tuned :)
- r


  1. Oh my goodness, I'm so glad you commented on my blog because now I've found yours! You have such a wonderful attitude, your food looks delicious, and you're so creative (banana bread millet- yum)! I'm loving it so far!
    And you are gorgeous by the way!

    But really, what a fantastic day of eats! I love California Pizza Kitchen, haven't been there in ages. I always loved their "tricolore salad pizza" because the crust is deliciously seasoned, topped with mixed greens, and shaved parmesan. So good.

    Have a wonderful day today!

  2. oh thank you. aren't you sweet!
    my little sister is allergic to oats (i know, right!?!?) so i tried to recreate it with millet.

    and cali pizza is HEAVENNN. my boy got the cali club pizza and there was avocado on it! genius.


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