Apr 7, 2010

HELP me gluten-free girls!

hey guys - got a question for ya that's been ticking through my head for a while....

has anyone tried going gluten-free?
has it helped you? what changes did you see?

          last summer, i went to the allergist after a few months of AWFUL stomach cramps. i got tested for about 120 common food allergens, and was allergic to about half of them... no joke (all nuts, dairy, pork, turkey, cinnamon, black pepper, etc!!!). after a few months of "testing" them out, i discovered that only three really bother me at all: walnuts (scratchy throat), cinnamon (headache, i rarely indulge), and oats (can't eat them two days in a row or my stomach... lets me know it. ahem.), but i didn't test positive for wheat allergy, so i dismissed it as a possible offender. i kept eating a clean diet, and the symptoms seemed to go away (sort of) for a few months. sorta.
          since then, my stomach has gone from ok to worse than ever. the cramps used to come and go, but now it just hurts all the time. i feel like a swallowed a balloon. i'm pretty much always bloaty, and it makes some funky funky noises. so i've been thinking...
should i try going GF?

my little sister has been gluten-free for about ten years, so i'm very familiar with the diet. i'm just curious if any of you guys have tried it (and some i know already!), how long, and if it's worth a shot. i've also been reading about the possible connection between gluten-sensitivity and fibromyalgia, so i'm DEFINITELY willing to give it a go!

thanks guys!!! and heads up - have two foodie dates and a soy post this weekend i'll be looking forward to sharing :)
- rebekah


  1. Have you considered lactose intolerance? I have a mild case and when I consume too much dairy I can get bloaty and have noisy intestines (like I can hear it moving through my intestines...sorry if that's TMI). It might be worth checking out if you haven't done so already. Good luck figuring it out.

  2. I've never tried going gluten-free (other than for a two-week cutting diet), but I do have a ton of WICKED gluten-free recipes if you want them ^_^

  3. I was diagnosed with IBS 16 years ago... my symptons have come and gone since then... I totoally get the description of having a baloon in your belly! My co worker mentioned to me about 2 months ago that she thought I had a gluten intolerance instead of IBS. I argued with her for about 3 days and then decided to look into it... and MY LIFE HAS CHANGED! I decided to stop eating it anfter reading about all of the symptons associated with gluten intolerance and realized I had most of them. I tell you, I fell 100% better. I still have to take it wasy on some foods that don't even have gluten. But, from what I have read, it takes your body about 1 year to repair itself from the damage gluten can do to someone who cannot tolerate it. But, my symptoms are pretty much gone. It is hard somedays, but when I think about the pain that gluten causes me it makes it a breeze :)

  4. hi rebekah! i've only been trying the GF diet for two weeks now, but so far i've noticed that my stomach is much happier. i cheated last weekend and had a roll at easter, and i immediately noticed the next day that i felt more bloated and cramped up. i would say it's worth a try - maybe for a month like me? good luck!

  5. replied to your email you sent me and read those posts i linked you to, yes, it will help!

  6. Im not super up to date on all the gluten stuff, but Im interseted to see where it goes for you!

  7. thank you guys so much for your input! food intolerances are such a confusing world.

    my little sister gets back from spring break (lucky!) today, so i'll probably shop gluten-free for us today and start our journey tomorrow. wish me luck!
    - r

  8. It is hard to say if gluten is the offender. I would recommend just eliminating it and see how you feel. It definitely can't hurt.
    Let me know if you have any questions about gluten free foods.


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