Apr 28, 2010

ok guys... i never do this.

i can't believe i'm posting... an oatmeal recipe.
i'm officially a bandwagon blogger, but forgive me.

these oats are just that good.

dreamsicle protein oats

1/2 c rolled oats
3 spoonfuls oat bran
2 scoops vanilla protein powder
1/2-2/3 c orange juice (depending on how thick you like your oats)
1 packet stevia/sprinkle of sugar (optional)

toppings - shredded coconut, coconut butter drizzle, and vanilla extract!

1. eat and 2. enjoy!!!
- r


  1. Hahah! It happens to the best of us :) Those oats do look pretty darn amazing :)

  2. welcome to the oat bandwagon! ... next stop? ...

    never! there is no stop.. hehe.

    yup oats are that darn incredible! <3

  3. i never post them because
    1) every blogger eats them. every day. and blogs them. with banana.
    2) they're so fugly.

  4. That sounds like one of my favorite mixed drinks I like to make. Stoli Vanilla vodka + orange soda = dreamsicle! Those sound really yummy. Lol I love my oatmeal :p

    p.s. so stoked you're going to VCU!!! Are you moving on-campus or to a place downtown??


  5. Welcome to the bandwagon! Orange juice + vanilla sounds amaaaazing!

  6. haha we got you trapped now : ) jk! Oats are so delicious! Love your recipe and the name


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