Apr 30, 2010

something fishy.


you know how to shop for shoes, your picky boyfriend's christmas present, and an apartment that doesn't have a leaky toilet or rat infestation... terrific. But can you safely shop for fish?

Ordering and purchasing fish has been a bit of a hot commodity as of recent, so it was high time someone explained the process in terms that human beings can comprehend and not just rocket scientists!

What’s the big deal with seafood?
1. Sustainable fishing practices – basically, a fish is considered “sustainable” if the way it is harvested doesn’t harm the environment or the quality of the fish. If a company is depleting the water’s supply of a certain fish, it is not sustainable. Anytime a seafood risks becoming an endangered species, you don’t want to support that company. can you imagine life in ten years without shrimp? just because a fish is farmed instead of wild doesn't mean it's sustainable, either.

2. Safety – not to point fingers, but certain countries are not exactly known for their standards of cleanliness. Sure, they get their jobs done, but do you really want to buy a bag of frozen shrimp and find “mystery pieces” in with your dinner? Or eat fish who just so happened to be raised at the bottom of a sewer? Contamination by pollutants or poisonous metals is a real threat, too – one of my dear friend’s dad has permanent physical damage from eating contaminated fish. Your fish’s country of origin is crucial.

So how can you know what’s safe, and what isn’t?
The ONLY way to know for sure is to do your research. If you’re buying the fish, check the package carefully. It is required to have where the fish came from printed somewhere on the bag. If you’re out at a restaurant, ask the waiter. Thankfully, restaurants are getting more fish-savvy, and nice places will usually have the origin listed right there on the menu for you. the only way to know if a fish is sustainably raised, however, is to look it up.

a lot of work, right?
never fear, i have a solution!

... just to make me less of a freak, along with the purse full of coupons, I also have a little printout of sustainable fish that I carry with me when I go out or to the store.
Seriously, it is so helpful – just go to this webpage, click on your state, and print a guide for yourself so you don’t have to memorize every fish availableunless you’re up for the challenge, I guess!

Fish is one of the healthiest foods for us – low in saturated fat, low in calories, high in protein, and full of omega-3s and amino acids that help fuel our bodies. but it's only good for you if it's safe to eat!

If you’re gonna shell over your hard-earned cash for it, you deserve not to have to pick out “mystery” pieces or worry about what chemicals still are lurking in your food. I hope this helps!

Do you guys cook fish? Eat sushi?
are you concerned about where it’s from?
- r


  1. Sooo gonna peep that link. Fish is pretty much the remaining straw for meat I do eat - and honestly, it's just been recently that I've been concerned as to where it comes from. Never even gave it a second thought before Food Inc. I used to swear by buying these salmon packs from Walmart for like, $3 for 4 filets. Uh, yeah - doubt that's on the "good" list. Reason why I haven't eaten any in a while, haha.

  2. I like fish, but I eat it rarely. I was never concerned about where it's from (am now though, haha) but just how much it costs. Thanks for the list!

  3. Thank you for the information.
    I loove fish, but try to be aware of the "story" behind what I eat. The production and similar aspects, because with the current food industry that can often turn out to be a dark story.

  4. i crave fish like crazy but dont eat it like crazy. im so worried about its safety that i only have it on occassion. i stick to 100% wild caught and organic.. and i also stick to tuna or salmon.. and don't try some of the larger varieties. i really liked reading this post! you opened my eyes on a lot of the topics. xoxo! <3

  5. sounds like you guys know your stuff! i think the important thing is to stay informed, not fearful.

    ...because let's be honest, i don't care if it would make me glow in the dark, i'm gonna still eat sushi!


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