Jun 15, 2010

glitz and glamour.

sometimes, running ain't pretty.

you forget to stretch after yesterday's killer leg workout,

you experience, ahem, "gastrointestinal distress...,"

your shorts give you a wedgie,

you order the wrong size running shoes, again,

you still aren't over a cold, and sound like a windtunnel when you breathe,

you have to pee 1 mile in,

you can't decide on your route,

you get honked at,

you plead Cudi to keep you motivated,

then your ipod dies,

so you pray for some beautiful bloggers,

you take some walk breaks,

run through some puddles,

and sweat so much, you could cause a tsunami if you wring out your underwear.

you realize running is not about being perfect, but never giving up,

aaaannd then you experience your first snot-rocket...

and instead of hitting the road, you hit your left thigh.

blissfully clueless about snot-rockets?

well, they ain't pretty.



  1. i love this post!! loooooove how you did this. i always have to freakin' pee!

  2. i second christina - you've always got me laughing at LEAST once throughout your posts. this time was more like twenty, though.
    what's your tattoo say?! i love script-y tattoes :)

  3. Hi Rebehak,

    Two things I have to thank you for. First, thank you for the brilliant post that brought some smiles and laughter to my morning :)

    Second, thank you so much for the wonderful comment you left on my last post. It really meant a lot to me, and I appreciate it so much... so thank you again, girl. You rock! <3

  4. Ahh wedgies are the worst! And I feel like I always have to pee right when I begin a run. Also I love the Cudi photo =P

  5. omg that first pic made me laugh!!

    totally had the wedgie haha.. but thankfully never the case of 'the runs' ... mine is more that i will get blocked up lol. should i be admitting this... haha

    phlegm and snot rockets! too familiar! hehe

  6. hahah this is great! And so true.. it's a wonder we love to run!

  7. Hey - let me know when you post the next BSI ingredient and I'll add you to my BSI page :D

    Love the post! :D

  8. Hahaha, oh you are so Absoloutely Fabolous my friend!
    This post made me smile and laugh, so thank you- I will curl up in my bed with a smile on my lips.
    You are a tough and brave one, and you keep inspiring me to hold my head high.

  9. this is great...totally can relate to the pee thing. :)

  10. jess - it says "invictus." it's a reference to a william earnest henley poem as well as Romans 8:37.

    i got it last year, but i had been planning since 11th grade. that year we read the poem as well as i did a bible study on romans, and at that point and now, i really needed a reminder that i am more than a conqueror! (invictus means unconquered in latin)


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