Jul 17, 2010

100th post!

heck yeah!

thank you all so, so much for joining me for 100 posts of joy, struggles, body blues, and food porn.

i can't even begin to express how much each and every one of you mean to me!

the support i find here blows me away, and your sweet comments made my day more often than not. the friends i have found here are some of my most treasured relationships... i thank God for you daily, my dears.

on a completely unrelated note... my ink update:

for those of you that asked, i did go for my tattoo consult today. it went amazing!

Katie from Salvation Tattoo Gallery was an answer to my prayers. she was professional, polite, and really funny!

after chatting, prodding, and drawing for about 30 minutes, we finally settled on a design and location that was both doable on her end, and made me totally happy on mine!

i decided to put the compass rose on my right arm, just above my elbow... workin' towards that half-sleeve! if you are in Richmond and are looking for a clean, professional parlor, i highly recommend Salvation.

and thank you guys for your suggestions on placement, by the way. my roommie from freshman year and i are planning on going the 13th or 14th of August, so i can't wait!

my tattoos do/will mean something: they tell my story. my first (the latin word invictus) is from a poem i read in high school. it is my daily reminder that although life's circumstances may be out of my control, my reaction is not. my next one (the compass rose) stands for this new chapter in my life... i have no idea where i am headed, but i do know that God is directing my steps according to His plan. He is my guide!

i'll be back tomorrow with some thoughts on how to adjust when your body changes... night loves!

do you have a tattoo? do you want one?


  1. Happy 100th post love!
    That's so exciting about the tat; I'm not sure if I would ever get one but I really admire people who get meaningful ink!

  2. CONGRATS ON 100 POSTINGS LOVE!! yay!! :)

  3. Thats a great looking cupcake- congrats! I have a tatoo on my right side that says INRI. It's where Jesus was stabbed when he was on the cross and INRI was the sign above the cross and it meant "Jesus Christ, King of the Jews".
    Do you have any others?

    I'll be in Richmond next week for a triathlon!

  4. ah thanks for explaing your tattoos. I'd love to see pics of them!

  5. thanks everybody!

    chuck - just the first one, and getting the compass next month! trying to pace myself :)

    lisa - once i get my new one, i will do a picture update for you guys!!!

  6. Happy 100th!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to see the tattoo.

  7. im almost at 100 myself. HAPPY 100, thank you for all your amazing posts!!!! <3

  8. Congratulations- and thank you for sharing your beautiful spirit with us.

    I do not have any tattoos, but one should never say never. I think small tattoos can be very beautiful, when they have a story behind and symbolize something special to the one carrying it.
    Can not wait to see how yours turn out :)

    Big hug to you, you are dear to me <3

  9. Aww Happy 100th! That's exciting! Please stay for 100(,000) more, you're lovely! & tattoos? I think there are some pretty gorgeous ones out there, and I really respect a tattoo artist (art = love) they can do some pretty amazing works of art on people's flesh! I've never wanted one, but I'll look at 'em and appreciate the stories behind them. I'm excited to see your skin art!

    Take care sweety!


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