Jul 3, 2010

for your information.

goooooooooood morning, beautifuls! and handsomes, for my fabulous gentlemen!

nothing earth-shattering from me today, but i did just want to fill you in on a little blog update.

in case you've been blissfully unaware (or in Reader), i have a few tabs on my page - my posts, my story, my life/fibromyalgia information, and a tab where i organize my posts on my passions (self-image and nutrition.)

i have been criminally negligent of my "passions" tab (irony?), so i wrangled that bad boy into submission this morning.

without furthur ado, may i present the new and improved passions tab!

feel free to peruse the links if you've ever been curious as to what makes me tick.

also, is there any subject you guys would like me to address? about me personally, nutritionally, or relating to emotional eating/body image?

i'm no expert, but i've made enough mistakes to save ALL OF YOU GUYS the trouble of experimenting, and love to share what i've learned.

happy saturday, happy belated canada day to my northern sweethearts, and happy almost 4th of july to my fellow US buds!

- rebekah

p.s. - Ilana's is having an amazing giveaway to celebrate her new domain... check it out!


  1. Hey my beautiful Rebekah,
    talk about irony, indeed ;p
    Your passion-posts are very important, inspiring and interesting to read. Maybe you could write a post with delicious recipes on snacks?
    ( Hoho, yes, this is a selfish wish- I need advice when it comes to snacking ;p )

  2. whew - somebody meant business today ;) call me crazy, but i feel really accomplished after organizing/making over my blog, lol. the passions tab is a great idea. and i have loved everything you post - so i am looking forward to the next, and the next, and the next - no particular wish from me :) (though delicious recipes on snacks are never bad)
    happy fourth, girl!

  3. And happy happy weekend to you too Rebekah! Hehe. Just to let you know that I'm here and thinking of you! xoxo

  4. i love how u set up links to ur posts on both body-image and nutrition. I think ur doing a beyond amazing job at addressing some good subjects on your blog and i always look forward to your posts! keep it up girl <3 xoxo

  5. Hey hottie! Thanks for the link to my giveaway :) I'm loving your blog - you're fabulous!

  6. I also love trader joe's
    and am a 20-year-old who'd rather eat kale.
    and I loved your comment, it was just written in such a lovely way & just beautiful :)
    thank you for stopping by and thus introducing me to your lovely site. ♥

  7. Thank you for updating your passions page :) I read the hate your body post and I loved it!


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