Jul 15, 2010

guest post: lisa.

ehllooooooooo poppets.

i am wiped out today, because yesterday i was a big dummy and was go-go-go all day, for the third day in a row.

if you know someone with fibro, you know can be the kiss of death.

it was.

so i'm kinda down for the count today, which gives me the time to realize - i haven't really posted anything about food in weeks.

i'm a naughty blogger, and must remedy this situation asap!

in the mean time, here's a guest post from the beautiful Lisa at I'm an Okie.


First of all, I wanted to say a big THANK YOU to Rebekah for letting me do this guest post. Just to introduce myself..my name is Lisa and my blog is I’m an Okie. This is my story.

In January, I was a scared girl. Scared of food, scared of being myself, scared of failing, scared to try. Just scared.

I was a girl who would get anxious at restaurants around tempting food and because of that anxiety I would end up overeating AT the restaurant and then bingeing when I got home as well.

I’m the girl who was scared she would gain back the weight she had lost over Summer time. And because of that fear, it became a self-fulfilling prophecy of mentally restricting food, trying to be perfect with my diet, and then bingeing because I couldn’t mentally handle it.

I was a girl who would get upset over eating a cookie (I would still eat it but I would just be mad about it.) I had feelings that eating a cookie would make the scale rise and I didn’t want that.

No more though. I have been making an effort to just LET GO. I finally let go of all these mental restrictions and fear of food in my head. It wasn’t easy. But, I finally let myself have a cookie if I felt like. And not just 1 cookie, eat 5 if I wanted. I finally let myself have cereal for breakfast if I wanted (I used to not allow myself cereal–no protein). I let myself have pizza when I wanted. And something magical happened. I didn’t gain weight. Heck, I haven’t even been able to be super consistent with the gym at the all time and I’m still in the same 5 lb range. Everything is OK.

I no longer think about Food every waking minute of the day. I no longer watch the clock in anticipation of my next meal. I no longer freak out when I DO get hungry and I don’t overeat because of that anxiety. I no longer have anxiety at a restaurant. I went to Mexican for lunch and I realized that this was the first time I felt comfortable with all the delish food staring at me in the face. Tortilla with cheese, yes please.

This doesn’t mean I’ve become a junk-food aholic. It means I’m kind to myself now. I feed my body good HEALTHY foods but I feed my mind calm and peace. It really just feels so WONDERFUL.

And another personal achievement. I got an A in Chemistry! Yes, the girl who was deathly afraid of it. The girl who was sure that she was going to have to retake the class. The girl who broke down in Chem Lab and had an anxiety attack, couldn’t breathe and cried.

I’ve been putting off my interest in the Medical Field for 8 years now. It started in highschool. I dropped Chem half way through. I was convinced since my Math skills were bad I couldn’t do it. I dropped out after a week in Chem at the University of Oklahoma. I thought to myself “you aren’t smart enough.” “This is not where your talents lie”. So, I took the easy way out and got a “safe” degree. A degree that didn’t challenge me, all because I was scared.

I learned today and throughout the semester that I have absolutely NO REASON to doubt myself. EVER. I can do it. Don’t allow yourself to fail without even TRYING. Yes, I worked hard and I studied all the time, but I did it. This victory is 100% mine and it feels good.

Today is a day I will remember forever. In the course of 6 months, I’ve changed my life.

The new Lisa is here to stay.

i am so amazed by her incredible transformation! go girl!
just goes to show you, it's worth it to put effort into living a healthy life, right?
would you like to do a guest post? email me at nelsonrr[at]mymail[dot]vcu[dot]edu!
what was the biggest challenge you faced in being healthier?


  1. im so glad she found that place where she feels free to embrace all types of food and come from an approach towards foods that is compassionate versus deprivation! Lisa is an amazing girl! no doubt about that one! thank you for sharing her message!!

  2. This was a beautiful post, and one sentence really stood out to me : " I feed my body good HEALTHY foods but I feed my mind calm and peace. "
    What an amazing way to describe a healthy way of living. Eating food, and feel good about it. Kick this idea of guilty food out of the door, out of this planet - find a balance between carrots and cake, never beating yourself up for enjoying what you nourish your body with.

  3. Yes! I love Lisa and her blog so this is a awesome. Lisa is so admirable!

    I'll definitely try to do a guest post soon!

  4. Aw such a sweet post! So happy to hear stories like this, they're uplifting + makes me want to share 'em. So awesome, thank you!


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