Aug 17, 2010

back to reality...

hey friends -

i am heading home from the beach tomorrow morning... it's been a gorgeous, relaxing, and wonderful two days, but i'm so ready to get back home!

either tomorrow or thursday, i'll post some incredible sunset pictures and give you guys my thoughts on why i didn't want to go to the Healthy Living Summit - stay tuned!

PS - GF angels, i start my gluten-free test run tomorrow, so expect plenty of complaining and recipes coming your way :)

thank you all for your sweet comments and tweets while i've been away!


  1. Hope you had a great trip! Sorry we didn't get a chance to hang out. What all did you do while you were here? And did you eat anywhere good??

  2. I'm really excited about your gluten-free journey! I've been thinking though. Have you ever tried just eliminating wheat rather than gluten? Some people respond really well to just that rather than the whole gluten thing. Why be more deprived than you may have to be :)

    Hope you had an excellent trip x

  3. chuck - it's ok, i figured you'd be training. and nope, we brought our food :)

    sarah - thanks girl! i actually pretty much will end up doing both without trying. because my sister is celiac, the only gluten products we have in the house are homemade bread and cereal (which i'm not crazy about). i've been eating quinoa, brown rice, and millet instead of bread for a while now (for nutrition), so the switch is fairly easy and eliminates both accidentally :) good thoughts!!!


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