Aug 4, 2010

the bright side.

hey friends -

i have no brain power today because i have gotten into my "insomnia funk" again. no excuses, but 2:30am was a loooooooong time ago.

today's challenge for y'll:

there is always a positive in every situation.

if you can't see the positive, check your perception!

it is there; it's just not what you think it should look like, or what you expected to happen. but every situation happens for a reason, has a bright side, and you can learn from it. every single one.

the challenge in my own life?

insomnia sucks. you can't really deny the fact... especially when you don't have anything to be up for (hello unemployment!).

the positive? i have gotten so much done today!

i've had the time to research a few things for a friend, bake, spend time with my mom, read a few books, learn new things, and pray for some wonderful people in my life.

another positive? tonight, i get to try again! i am so blessed to have a cozy, warm bed to try it over again. it could be so, so much worse.

what are you challenged to see the bright side in?


  1. lovely post! good luck in the job search. i believe that things will work out for those who try hard and have faith.

    i have the worst negative thinking patterns. i tend to obsess over my weight/body image which is just destructive. i've been 90-150 lbs and haven't been happy with my body at any of those sizes so you would think i would realize that measuring self worth in size/weight is useless!

  2. Thank you for your positivity Rebekah! It always makes me smile to read things like this :)

  3. I agree with you 100%. I am always saying that everything happens for a reason, and whether you're happy with it or not - you learn and grow from it.
    I hope you are able to catch up on your sleep tonight - i tried doing the "thinking of your beathing rhythm" thing last night - fell to sleep like a baby! :P

  4. Ah yes! I love this :D You are so right and I just made a video post and I touched on that as well! I am seeing the bright side in eating foods that give an extra boost for my liver, as it is equaling clear skin! I've been struggling with breakouts for years and I finally did some real research on possible reasons why it never goes away no matter what I do. Well after months of observing that sugars (sweet and alcohol alike) trigger my breakouts. Wellll.. why?! That's how I found out that it may be liver. So far.. I AM LOVING THIS!!! My skin is so much better already and I've been doing this for almost 2 weeks. So when you see me in Richmond, I'll have nice skin hehehe :D

    So I just did a quick look-up and I found this! For you:
    Hope it helps!

    XOXO see you soon future yoga-buddy!


  6. what good timing! i NEED to see the positive in my violent mood swings lately, i keep feeling like i'll never get a grip over my emotions and my depression, like every time i slowly feel better i fall right back. so to see the positive in this is gonna take a huge effort, but i need to find at least SOMETHING good to change my attitude about it around a bit.

    xoxo <3

  7. Have you done a sleep study. This past week I brought my daughter, who has all types of sleeping issues, in for one. They found that she isn't getting in enough oxygen when she sleeps. This physical issue causes her body to not want to fall asleep. We haven't gotten to solutions yet (we have an appointment with the doctor next week) but there are several options. You may want to check with your doctor.

  8. thank you guys!

    as far as the insomnia goes, it's just a part of having fibromyalgia. i've been through a TON of testing, and it's just learning to be patient and manage it. yoga does help (thanks for the link!) as well as just relaxing, but melatonin and other things aren't very effective.

    keep your chins up, guys!

  9. Great post. It is hard getting out of the habit of thinking negative thoughts, you have a great positive attitude that is great :) I try every day now to smile more and just be happy!!

  10. Love this and I completely agree with you! Thanks for this:)

  11. You are so right! There IS positive in every situation even if it's not always easy to see.

    I suppose I'm constantly challenged to find the positive in my ED.. and the thing is, I have. If it weren't for my ED I wouldn't have realized that I am extremely passionate about nutrition.

  12. I have insomnia too. I'm usually pretty negative about it (I miss sleeping regularly), but maybe from now on I'll try to be a little more positive. Thanks for posting this!

  13. So sorry about the insomnia :( I'm a walking zombie if I get fewer than 8 hours of sleep. I can't imagine what you must be going through.
    For a while I was struggling with seeing the bright side of not being out in Colorado,yet.
    But, I'm at peace that it will happen in God's time and that it will all come together just as it should.
    Thanks again for your prayers :)


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