Sep 27, 2010


The best lunch I ever ate…

Cilantro jalapeno hummus + guacamole + quinoa, + side of carrot sticks.

Jesus loves me.

That is all.


  1. lol! that does sound pretty good. right now i'm having a local pork chop roasted with herbs de provence from a farmer i know and a huge zuke we got at the farmer's market roasted in coconut oil. i'm in heaven

  2. I just had the BEST dessert.

    Butter pecan ice cream & a warmed up kashi cherry and dark chocolate bar. Mixed it up together, SOOOO GOOOD

    Dana xo

  3. Hah! You are way too cute :) I've never even HEARD of Cilantro jalapeno hummus... and I've yet to even TRY quinoa. Jesus loves me too... so I guess I shoudl jump on that bandwagon, no? Haha

    <3 Tat

  4. Oh that sounds amazing! I love fresh light dishes like that.

  5. Cilantro and jalapeno - such a lovely marriage.
    I'm late on commenting, but i appreciated your sleep post. I've been an insomniac for going on 13 years, and while it ebbs and flows, I'm definitely in a full-on flow phase right now. It's always helpful to read other folks' take on the elusive gift of slumber.

  6. yum but i dislike avocado haha.OMG I had some habanero salsa I got for free at the food expo ages ago...and oh my gravy I forgot how spicy it was. I was burnin' for a while.

  7. haha you're hilarious. and that sounds divine. I ate some pretty rad... soba noodles... :)

  8. Yes he does. That does sound good. My sweet potato n' cheese came out so good tonight!

  9. HA...I literally LOLd at "Jesus loves me."


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