Sep 15, 2010

last call - giveaway!

don't forget that my $45 CSN giftcard giveaway ends tonight, september 15th, at midnight... get those last-minute comments in to win that baby!

ok guys - i need your help. i'm working my church's yardsale saturday and want to bake things for the bakesale, but am not sure what to make! i've been thinking about making some kind of banana oatmeal muffin, some kind of cookie, and some kind of quick bread...

thoughts? suggestions? secret family recipes? thanks for your help!!!


  1. These Mocha Muffins are really simple, and everyone I've given them to seems to like them!

    You could make mini ones or regular ones! We need to hang out soon! :)

  2. muffins are a great idea.....they can be so versatile and you can make a base, split up the base recipe, and then do different add ins.
    i love baking!

  3. Banana oatmeal muffin w/whole wheat flour and organic steel cut oats. I do those all the time when my bananas start to brown.

    rsbryswrrl at gmail dot com

  4. make vegan cinnamon buns!!! homemade vegan poptarts (so easy and ppl will love them I make fruit ones of french toast ones haha, vegan donut holes.... I find making things ppl are familiar with but healthifying/veganizing them makes more people apt to try!! need rcipes come to mee

  5. Haha you don't want a bread recipe from me if you're going to try and sell it!

  6. Monster cookies are always a huge hit - incredibly bad for you but easy & cheap to make!

  7. Those muffins sound good...maybe with some chocolate chips thrown in?

  8. You should make banana oatmeal muffins! My mom made some banana bread for a bake sale at her work not too long ago using the Veganomicon recipe and everyone loved it!! I think for the most part people love banana bread or things like it.. and I would say no nuts because some people don't like that in their banana bread lol. And I agree with Sarah.. maybe throw in some chocolate chips :)


    p.s. sorry about the music thing not working out on Wednesday. I've been working on a short film for my critique next week :) Actually.. what time do you have classes again on Wednesday? I should just check the email you sent me lol. But I've had people stop in on our critiques, so if you've got time you should come check it out :D How's your week been so far?

  9. thanks for the suggestions everyone!

    katharina - i only have a class 12-1, i;d love to stop in!


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