Mar 6, 2010

first post!!!

hellooooooooo beautiful bloggers! hope everyone's havin a terrific weekend.

since i'm a bloggie newb, feel free to check up on me (my story tab).
this weekend, i went with my mom to my little brother's swim meet at uva. true to character, he kicked REAR.

seeing as how i was staying in a hotel, mah foods were a bit funky. on friday morning, i got up and made my food for the early part of the day (i'm pretty sure i'm the only 20 yr old who wakes up EARLY to pack salad. because i'm not lameee). they consisted of:

- fried egg and avocado on TJ's english muffin (=HEAVEN) for first breakfast
- protein shake made with biggest loser protein powder, TJ's cocoa powder, flaxseed, and agua for second breakfast before i hit the road

- one of my "kitchen sink" salads: spinach with grilled chicken, tomatoes, carrots, red onions, sprouts, bell pepper, kashi veggie crackers, nutritional yeast, apple, strawberries, and FETA FREAKIN CHEESE!!!

i could eat this every day for the rest of my god-given years (and PLAN TO!)

- new dannon greek yogurt for a snack (does anyone else think it tastes funky???)
- TJ's raw almond butter on yet another english muffin with honey and cream cheese... oh my.

for sat:
- other part of avocado from friday mixed with greek yog and honey honey (it's not weird dont judge!)
- kitchen sink salad with hardboiled egg from the hotel continental breakfast (yeah, i stole, sue me)
- grilled chicken on a pita with homemade basalmic vinegar
- and for second lunch...

TARA THAI!!! omm nommmmm nommmmmm. my beautiful mother and i shared the garlic broccoli and shrimp entree as well as a veggie entree with squash and red curry green beans. h.e.a.v.e.n...!
- i then proceeded to snack on these:

chocolate cheerioes and TJ's high fiber cereal. i love this, even if old people do too.

- anddddd finally on my drive home, i tried the kashi peanut butter bar. really good! i never used to be a kashi fan because everything had so much added sugar, but they have really stepped it up! 140 cals, 7 grams of protein, 4 of fiber, and only 5 grams of sugar. not too shabby for a bar (which i rarely eat).

PHEWWWWWWWWW. you guys still with me? you're troopers, beautiful troopers.
i promise they won't all be like this!

enough about me... TELL ME ABOUT YOU GUYS! how was your weekend? eats?


  1. i had a strawberry pop tarts! tats pretty much it! :) -kyle-


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