Mar 7, 2010

hello to my friend, fiber.

objective for today:
1) eats.
2) what's the deal with... chia???

first things first.
da eats.
keep a mental running total of my fiber intake (!)

first brekkie THE SECOND i got up: yogurt with tj's fiber cereal w/ yog and cinnamon and honey in the shape of a face. how did that come out of the shaker like that? i'm pretty much magic.

post workout fuel before my shower: 1c coffee, 1 cup water, 1/2 oz chia seed, packet stevia, cocoa, shake cinnamon, ice. heaven!

after shower: gross looking but AMAZING tasting omlette: 2 eggs, onion, sundried tomato my love, bell pepper, mushrooms, s&p and salsaaaaaaaaa

my new salsa!!! it tastes just like a roasted red pepper. and my old steady lover, sdts.

after grocery shopping (a favorite necessiy): kitchen sink salad - spinach, feta, kashi crackers, sdts, carrot, heirloom baby tomatoes (so cute!), s&p, and basalmic vinegar

ANDDDDDDD an old favorite: laraballs. i have made these before, but in the shape of "bars." the lovely lady here inspired me to make them into balls. she's a genius! i used figs and cashews.... o.m.g.......

mah balls.
i rolled a few in cocoa for my momma. because i love her.
(still counting my fiber!?!?)

because i believe in moderation, i roasted cumin/curry veggies with my chocolate covered bliss.

and ate a small portion....

sorta dinner? i wasn't feelin so hott today and the fam had beef tacos for dinner (don't really do beef) and i was starving early so yeah.
(more fiber. shock.)

i feel like christmas mugs are seasonless.
also, in keeping with my ridiculous fiber total, i ate an unpictured empire apple. it was weird tasting.
so basically i feel like a giant beached whale today with pluto in my belly. but it's cool because pluto isn't a planet anymore. no harm, no foul.

2) i'm sure you guys know way more about chia than i do, but here's my snippet. i heart chia. if you are blissfully unaware, chia seeds are the tiny seeds in... yes.... chia pets.


but you HAVE to eat them! they are easy to throw in smoothies and oats, and they pack fiber, protein, and omega-3s. they also absorb 10 times their size in water, so your oats will make you feel FULL. i could barely finish my workout shake....
but i did :)

have you guys tried chia? have you ever gotten a little over enthusiastic with your veggies? i am still working on that one :)
happy sunday!

- rebekah


  1. I love love love chia seeds! I eat them everyday! But no, I don't think it's possible to be over enthusiastic about veggies. Veggies are the best!!!

  2. Oh you are SUCH a sweetheart!!! And you make gorgeous babies hehe
    (that sounds wrong!!)
    Lots of love!

  3. tess - i agree.. i can't believe i used to hate them!

    katie - you just made me laugh out loud. i had totally forgotten about them until i started reading your blog. once i saw the figs at tj's, i knew... it was fate :) baby fate, that is.

    thank you both for the comments!


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