Apr 20, 2010

get in maa bellahh

good morning everyone!

i got over 8 hours of sleep for probably the first time in 6 months or so
... today is a great day!
(the flowers are fresh cut from my mom's garden... i love you spring!)

some foodzzzz i has been scarfin':
english muffin topped with cottage cheese, chocolate PB2, cinnamon, and a few fresh strawberries.
strawberry shortcake, anyone?

dinner on sunday - black beans, 1/2 avocado, peppers, carrots, tomatoes, radishes, a HUGE blob of salsa, and a disgusting amount of seasonings.

Q: do you guys HEAVILY season your food?
i can't just eat anything plain anymore. everything is a blank canvas now :)

OIAJ - this is a gift of god. seriously.
in the mix: 1/3 c oats, 2 tbsp oat bran, pinch salt, 1/2 scoop chocolate protein powder, coffee to cook (maybe 1/2c?)

sweet, caramelly gooooooooddddddddnesss.

product review: PURE BAR cherry cashew (tj's - $1.49)
the taste was "meh." the nutritional stats were not "meh," however.
basically, it's a larabar with a few less nuts and rice protein substituted, but the calories/fats/protein is pretty similar. it's pretty nice for someone like me who tries to save their nut consumption for aforementioned OIAJ.

they are 100% raw and natural, so i would definitely keep them in mind in a pinch.
low and slow sweet 'taters, tomato sauce, hot sauce, and nutritional yeast.
two things -
1. homemade tomato sauce is INFINITELY better than canned.
... especially if you don't make it and your mom does all the work. score.

2. nutritional yeast is my new favorite non-meat protein source. i love it.
yeah, i'll jump on that blogger bandwagon.

do you guys use the website coupons, too?
hope your week's kickin' off right.
ps - tonight is my cinco de mayo cooking demo at whole foods with miss stephanie and miss brittany!!!
wish me luck, and i can't wait to meet these lovely ladies.


  1. That's so awesome your doing a cooking demo at whole foods!! Can't wait to hear how it goes - good luck!!
    And thanks for always linking to coupons - I always try to remember to check out all the company websites, but a lot of times can't think of companies to "scope out" for coupons when I go to do it. If it wasn't such a pain to hook up to a printer, I'd do it right that second, but alas...the woes in life ;) haha
    The OIAJ and strawberry "shortcake" look so good. Love!
    have a great day - love the 8 hours of sleep, bet you'll feel so refreshed :)
    (p.s. how's that for a speedy comment?)

  2. i wish you were coming to my whole foods! i love homemade sauce too. my ex bf's mom used to make a killer sauce. i need to get the recipe!

  3. I knew I'd love this blog as soon as I saw the post title. I'm so glad you're on hollaback health now, too!!!! can't wait to keep up with you :)

  4. Hey Rebekah,

    It was so great meet you tonight. I'm glad that you came! Hopefully we can all go next month as well.

    Have a great night!


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