Apr 21, 2010

grocery shoppin, thai food, important announcement, and first blogger meetup!

hey beauties!
i hope you guys are having a teriffic humpday morning.
i know i am. i am totally in love with spring weather!

before i bombard you with pics, can i just take a moment to say how grateful i am for you guys?
i love the community that i've been welcomed into!
you guys don't just make awesome food, but you're awesome people. thanks!

and shoutout to my dad - he just started reading! hey dad!

yesterday, i had an awesome foodie day - grocery shoppin, thai food for lunch, and my first blogger meet up at whole foods! and an announcement :)
shall we begin?

tom leonard's... richmond version of harris teeter i guess?

look how hairy this guy is!

local produce? yes please!
the staff kept looking at me funny when i'd whip out my camera,
so i exercised restraint. boo.

look what i found! someone excited?
i couldn't justify dropping $6 dollars on 4 bars when i had a CARTLOAD of produce...
priorities, right??

oh look. i found a few cows.

next stop? world market!
if you haven't even been, check out the website. they have a unique collection of foods and decor from around the world.
sign up for their rewards program for awesome discounts on wine, if you imbibe :)

i'm home.

i'm always keepin' my eyes peeled for a new kind of hot sauce or salsa.
i use them everyday multiple times!

if you guys have any hot sauce/salsa recommendations, please let me know!

ok... am i the only one with a dirty mind???
(sorry mom.)

next stop: thai diner too!
mom heard that this place was one of the best in richmond.
not sure anything could beat tara thai, but whatever.
we gave it a shot.
free appetizer neither mom nor i ate.
when i touched it, my hands got slimy... oil anyone?
their "tempura veggies" was a fried piece of broccoli... lol.

our entrees -
thai chef salad with scallops in chili-lime sauce...

...and bamboo shoots stir-fried in sriratcha.

if you guys have never eaten thai food before,
you should know:
when you say "hot" or "spicy" to a waiter in a thai restaurant, they don't mean american hot... they mean thai hot. if you aren't up for a tear-inducing, sinus-clearing experience, order "medium."
mom couldn't eat this, and she's a trooper!

last stop? my first blogger meetup!
so exciting!!! stephanie was sooo nice to include me in her date with miss brittany!
they go every month to a cooking demo at whole foods, where they cook following a theme.
this month was cinco de mayo, so we got AMAZING mexican food! and the chef was awesome - he went to johnson & wales for his culinary degree (my dream!), was really cool, and was pretty cute!

... and get this - he asked me for my blog link so he could follow me!!!
i have a follower! i'm just happy outside of my head right now.
(hey chef jesse!)

gettin' ready for my girls' date.

thanks so much to stephanie's mom for taking 10000 pictures of us!
she's so sweet, and gets the blog thing.

super weird?
stephanie's little sister was in my spanish class in high school!
small world, right?

and if you guys don't already read stephanie and brittany's blogs, check them out!
they are total sweethearts, and cook amazing food!

our menu - hello salsa!

my first taste of ceviche! this one was made with tilapia and jicama.
chef jesse mixed it with his homemade salsa. i die.
i sense a homemade salsa recipe coming up... :)

i haven't had guac in years because it usually has sour cream added to it, and i HATE sour cream.
let's just say i am a fan ONCE AGAIN. as if i needed convincing with avocados...

amazing tacos with adobo chili hot sauce.

the damage...

what a great experience!
thanks again to stephanie for thinking of me!

and my announcement?
i got invited to be a hollaback girl!
a what?
the hollaback girls are a beautiful group of bloggers who think that health blogging needs a bit of help.
we don't bash our bodies, we don't complain about what we can't do, and we are strong, powerful women that treat our bodies that way.
head over and check out the site, and keep your eyes peeled for my first post!

happy hump day!!!


  1. before I forget - that's too funny about the mango thing, haha. I'd always seen pictures of it, but never anybody doing it. I'd always wondered how it was done, I guess I thought it was trickier than it is :P
    Love the flower pics - we're not in bloom up here yet :P And you've gotta give the gnu bars a try! I'm with ya, though - bars are pricy!! I'd have stuck with the produce, too.
    I used to be addicted to hot sauce - now I'm all about sweet-ish, light, fresh, italian-esque flavors. Think it has to do with the change in weather. Still love a mild curry dish, though. I'd probably cry with thai-hot, haha. I'm a wimp!
    Looks like a fun blogger meet-up. And hi Rebekah's dad!! Your daughter's one of the coolest bloggie chickas I know! err...read.
    Have a great day, girl - I hope the sun stays out for you, but it wouldn't hurt if you shared with us up north. Jus' sayin.

  2. it was such a great time, i'm so glad you got to come! oh and btw, i am obsessed with world market so anytime you wanna go shop foodie style there just hit me up, they have some amazing finds! i have to tell my sis that i met up with you last night too, gotta love Richmond, 6 degrees of seperation right? have a great day girl!

  3. yay for your blogger meet up! i'm going to my first on sunday! a few of us are having brunch. soooo excited!!!!

  4. Hey Rebekah. It was so great to meet you last night!!

    I am a tiny bit obsessed with Thai food. My favorite place in Richmond is Ginger Thai Taste- also in Carytown. You'll have to try that one out if you haven't yet!

    We should go get Thai together that way you and Isaac (my BF) can have a spicy food eating contest!! See who sweats and cries the most. :)

  5. what a fun meal with other bloggers!

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