Apr 12, 2010

i'm full of crap.

hey guys, hope everyone's weekend went well!
          mine was a frustrating mix - the fibro pain is REALLY getting to me the last couple weeks, and it seems so much more inconvenient when the weather's nice! during the wintertime, i don't feel as antsy to get out and move because it's gross out. but when it gets nice and i'm stuck in the bed, it kinda frustrates me... a lot. although i did spend most of the weekend resting, stubbornness won out yesterday, and i forced myself to get up and go to the river with my guy like we had planned. and it was GORGEOUS. the weather here in richmond was in the high 70s, breezy, and not a cloud in the sky! and i got to wear my new bikini! good day after all :)

          the reason why i'm full of crap, though, is that i've been doing so much research on going gluten-free to help my stomach issues, and i finally decided to do a test-run yesterday... but when yesteray got here, i started thinking about some things i had forgotten. my mom brought up the fact that when my fibro pain's really bad, it always coincides with my really bad stomach pains. TMI warning - it also seems to hover around the week when my period should be (because of my thyroid/endocrine issues, i actually don't have a period when i'm off the pill). and, to add another element into the mix, i tested moderately allergic to most nuts, and i had been eating nut butter every once in a while, so i'm wondering if that could have complicated things...? gahh, you see my dilemma.

         basically, i think the gluten-free trail is a really good idea, and i can't thank you guys for your input enough! i plan on doing it for sure, but i feel like it's a little too complicated right now to separate out what causes what. i really want to give it a fail test, and i think there are too many variables for a clear answer now. i haven't eaten nuts in a while, and i think i'm going to continue eating nut-free for another week or so before i test that again. if the stomachache comes back, i guess we have a winner! i'm also gonna track my really bad days, and see where that coincides with my hormones. a girl's job is never done, no?

thanks guys!!!
three things-
1. have any of you guys been to healthy living summit? my dad works in illinois so i'm thinking about getting a ticket this year! the bloggers look awesome!!!
2. up next is a post on insulin resistance/hypoglycemia. anyone have thoughts? i'd love your opinions.
3. have you guys read this??? interesting. thoughts?


  1. I think that article in interesting, and does ring slightly true. I wouldn't say I have an eating disorder at all, I don't photograph a lot of what I eat because it goes into my mouth too quickly! But I do love having a way of keeping myself accountable for the food I do intake.
    So if blogging about my delicious healthy food helps inspire others to make healthier choices while also keeping me from grabbing for the second cookie, why not!!!?

  2. My diabetes isn't caused by insulin resistance, but caused by my pancreas no longer producing enough/any insulin. This makes things difficult because all foods digest at different rates (low, medium, high glycemic indexes,) which means sometimes I'll take insulin and my sugar goes too low (low GI food taking longer to digest) or my sugar spikes because it digests faster than my insulin can kick in (high GI foods). Currently I am trying a specifically low GI diet to help regulate my sugars.

  3. S-M: i completely agree. it's a hobby, and a good tool to find balance in this crazy world.
    m: thank you for your thoughts! should have the post up tomorrow - check back!


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