Apr 22, 2010

this is not about food.

shocking, i know.
i mean, who knew i did anything else but grocery shop?
no eats today, just earth day photography (my hobby that's been on backburner).

i went to lewis ginter botanical gardens this morning with the two ladies i love most.
if you come to richmond, let me take you there! it's the most gorgeous thing in va, as you'll see :)

mrs. k - my adopted aunt. such an incredible woman.
and she reads the blog! bonus!

la mama - my rock.

ahh! don't fall in!

"if you notice a great deal of thrashing around in the lakes, fear not! tis the season for courting!"

what time is it?

oh look... they found me.

hope you guys enjoyed the spring photo shoot :)
get outside and play!

and stephanie's having an awesome giveaway! check it out!


  1. my mom and dad adore this place, they go almost every weekend for lunch and to walk around during the warmer months (they were there last Sunday in fact!) i actually used to work here too when i was in high school as a server for weddings. it is such a beautiful place, i agree!

  2. These are all gorgeous shots - they belong in a magazine!! Beautiful colors, and I can't believe how BLUE the sky is. And how colorful the flowers are. Looks like you definitely enjoyed a good earth day :)

  3. gorgeous photos, and your hair is so cute!

  4. steph - i've been a few times, but this time ROCKED
    jess - thank you! not bad from my cheap point-and-shoot cannon!
    kelli - thanks girl! i feel like i need a trim... i'm growin a mullet for sure.
    linda - thanks girl! it was a perfect day!

  5. wow, it's beautiful. and i've actually been looking for something to do in richmond to break up a NJ-to-NC drive...

  6. I love the bright colors of the sky and the flowers! I like the picture of the gazebo a lot. Beautiful.

  7. Oh, wow! I wonder if I can convince my husband to make the drive to Richmond this weekend. How beautiful!!


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