Apr 22, 2010

thursday thoughts.

"the real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes." - proust

just wanted to drop you guys a little note of encouragement via one of my favorite quotes.
i know sometimes i feel like i will finally be happy when this happens. or when i finally accomplish x, y, and z. or like i can relax when this situation changes.

the truth?
life is not about your accomplishments, your big purchases, your degree, or how cool you are. it's about the lessons you discover on the way. it's about who you are through your "voyage."

sometimes, i waste all my time thinking about where i want to be instead of what i have right now. instead, i should focus on examine life with new eyes.

don't miss your blessings because you're focused on your curses.


  1. What a great quote - definitely a nice way to start my morning. And it is so true - I am so glad that over the past year, I've slowly come to that realization myself. I don't need other people's approval to be who I want to be - I'm just going to be myself, because that is when I am happy and content. Selfish? Maybe. But I've learned that; sometimes we've got to be. And by doing that, we are able to learn so much more - about ourselves, about other people, and about things we'd maybe never even given a second thought.
    Have a great day, Rebekah. And thanks for the Thursday motivation :)

  2. This is so true! It goes along with the quote that ends my last post :D It's good to consider the future but there's no sense in revolving around it. Especially when what you do NOW will help you guide you along your path.


    p.s. BLOGGER MEET-UP YES!!! :D I'm in!
    p.s.s. yes I do go to VCU :)


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