May 24, 2010


hello beautiful bloggers... long time no post, eh?

i've been reading all of your lovely posts, and i have to say, you guys are quite magnificent! what you've posted looks heavenly!

but i've been working on this one post half-heartedly for about a week now, and as much as i hate to say it, i'm just. not. feelin'. it. you guys ever get that way? last week, i had to control myself and narrow down what i really wanted to post about, and this week, i'm just so not in the mood.

however, i'll be back on my A-game soon, and contrary to what my posting may indicate, i am not dead :)

have you guys ever just needed a blogging holiday?
i've just been enjoying reading again! it's pretty nice, actually.


  1. i've been missing the clarity and creation in my life, girl!! i totally understand, though. some nights i'll be trying to think of something interesting to post about - and there's just. nothin. there. and i just want to read others blogs! so i compromise and make a short and sweet post :)
    can't wait til your back in action - i know it's worth the wait :)

  2. aww yeah girl you do what you need to do!!! just relax and whenever you feel lead to blog again.. do it! :)

  3. yea some days i can barely even type. bloggie holidays are mandatory just like mental health days at work. post as little or as much as you'd like and we'll love you just the same <3

  4. Aww enjoy your blog holiday, I'm sure you will come back refreshed and inspired!

  5. Much better to wait till you have the right feeling, Rebekah :)
    Rather that than force yourself to write a post half-hearted.
    I have not yet experienced the need for a blogging holiday, but I do not feel obliged to post every day either.

    Hope you are doing good beautiful ;)

  6. I feel the need for blogging holidays quite often and now that my google reader is so high, I feel as if all I should be doing is reading and not posting. At least until I get things under control. ;)

    Besides, forcing yourself to post will just make you resent blogging and since blogging should just be fun, just go with your mood.

  7. I took a blogging holiday for 3 months :)... It was glorious! haha, Blog whenever you want to girl, it's for YOUR pleasure!

  8. So I just had to get on here and tell you that the unthinkable happened: I have an excess of overripe canteloupe in my house. So I'm making canteloupe muffinsss! I am combining your recipe with another that I found on "Oh She Glows" so they should turn out quite interesting :)

  9. ohh that's so exciting to hear!!! let me know how they go!


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