May 3, 2010

blessings, a recipe, and a giveaway.

hello my lovelies.
i had just a jumble of thoughts going through my head today.

1. the smallest things in life can be the biggest blessings.
         i don't really talk about it much, but these last couple months, i have struggled hard with managing my fibromyalgia. the foremost struggle is my fatigue/pain for sure, but an unexpected challenge has been with my hunger.
not only is it rare for me to be hungry, but i actually have to force myself to eat most of the time (FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE EVER). think about trying to eat again right after thanksgiving dinner... that's what a lot of my meals have been like.
... pure torture for a foodie!

so after months of struggling with eating enough, today i felt REAL HUNGER. i mean, i ate a normal lunch, and 30 minutes later, i was starving.
at the time i thought it was strange and kinda knocked on wood, but when i got home, i actually cried. it was such a relief to feel "normal" again, even if it was just for a few minutes. normally, the pain dulls my hunger, but today, my body's natural signals we're ok!

it's such a small gift, but when your sick, life is just more simple and raw, and normalcy is a treasure.

          the boy and i also had a really emotional talk today. i can't say enough good things about what he's done for me in the last year. from the moment we, he faced all my physical challenges head on.
sure, we've had our struggles, but he has been there for me when i didn't have words to express the depth of my fears.

once again, he blew me out of the water today with his faithfulness and diligence.
a small thing, but it meant something huge to me.
i'm a lucky, lucky chick.

2. i made pesto, and you should too.

we have a little pot of pesto growing out back that all of a sudden decided to explode.
when life gives you basil, you make pesto.

EDIT: thanks to jess, i realized that i should mention we actually don't have a pesto plant, but a basil plant :) whooopppss.

not-your-average-pesto pesto (technique crash-course from 101 cookbooks)
1 huge handful of basil leaves
3 cloves garlic
5 sundried tomatoes
1 big pinch nutritional yeast
3 or 4 spoonfuls olive oil
salt and pepper

heidi describes the process much better than i ever could. basically, i grabbed a handful of a few things and started chopping, then added more when i got it uniform, and kept adding until i had all my basil, garlic, tomatoes, and nutritional yeast minced. i scooped it into a little bowl, stirred in the salt and pepper, and covered it with a thin layer of olive oil. 


om nom nom.
slather me on a baguette, please.
3. anyone interested in any free JUSTIN'S NUT BUTTER!?!?!?

any small things that you guys discovered recently?
- r


  1. oh wow, i didnt know u were having such appetite problems. what a shock since most of the time all i hear is the exact opposite complaint. wow that is so exciting then! you must have felt elated.. i can only imagine :) always amazing to find out ur normal :P hehe

    xoxo <3

  2. SO glad you had a good day and are feeling better :) Glad you've got a great means for support, too .
    Annnd...I laughed when I read this: "we have a little pot of pesto growing out back that all of a sudden decided to explode." does one grow pesto? ;) Really though - it looks great!
    Have a great night!

  3. haha that's why i re-read my posts about 100000 times before i publish. you guys have NO idea the CRAZY things i edit out before you ever see it!

    clearly, i MEANT basil, but wouldn't a pesto plant be awesome???

  4. I am loving your blog so far, and I really think someone needs to get on that pesto plant! =P

    What's this I hear about free Justin's nut butter?!

  5. wow this post was really amazing....I'm so glad I found your blog. I will be praying for you, and I'm so happy your boy is such a great support! He sounds like an absolutely amazing person!

    Ps. I will soon be making that pesto...looks so delish!

  6. justins nut butter???? I"M IN!!!

  7. Thanks for the linkage :). I'm so glad that things are getting better for you---not getting hungry ever would get frustrating!

  8. Hey -- so glad to hear you had such a good day yesterday. Hope the appetite came back today too! And your pesto looks amazing! I love that you originally wrote you had a pesto plant -- I would be in heaven if such a thing really were to exist!

  9. i love pesto, but i've not tried making it yet. i am hoping to plant some soon, so that i can have loads and loads to make a million jars of delicious pesto next year!

  10. Girl, I love you! You know I relate to your problems, and I totally understand the joy that the simple aspect of having your body do something "normal" can bring. This post made me smile and filled me with renewed hope. Oh yeah, and it also reminded me that I need to make pesto soon!

    I hope you and your mom are having a good mother's day!


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