May 2, 2010

y'all make me blush.

you guys are too sweet!
thank you all so much for your comments on my pictures yesterday...

the crazy thing is, i had long, curly hair halfway down my back in high school...! see?

from summer 2007...

last night, i had the pleasure of meeting up with two lovely blog buddies, brittany and meredith, at one of my current restaurant obsessions, ipanema cafe. is it obvious how much i love this place?

it's also a favorite of miss brittany's, and since meredith had never been, we felt we must introduce her :)

meredith, brittany, and i in front of a 7-11...
gotta love richmond!

i had an amazing arugula salad with roasted beets, gouda cheese, and the most incredible salad dressing of all time! brittany donated a handful of her sweet potato fries, too, which i could have kissed her for.

think if i ask really nicely, the chef would give me the recipe???

the girls were lovely, and we chatted the night away about foreign food, work, and how our men deal with our quirky blogging habits.
i mean, doesn't everyone photograph their food?

if you guys haven't checked out their blogs yet, please do! they both have incredible, motivating stories to share, and their eats ain't too shabby either.

i also did a little sumthin' in the kitchen.
roasted up an eggplant, zucchini, and a sweet potato for lunches this week.

i also marinated some tempeh in sriratcha, honey, and dijon mustard, and popped it in for the last few minutes of the veggie roast...

by the way, i roast my veggies/taters on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper for easy clean up. i set the temp to 350* and leave them for 40-60 minutes. try it!

aaaaaaaaaand i made more hummus. 
try this recipe if you're in the market for some incredible, face-rockin' curried honey hummus.

thanks ashley! this girl is amazing, talented, and super sweet, as if her hummus recipe wasn't rockin' enough!
it's her picture, too - i'm clearly not that talented, because mine was too gross-looking to post.

if you guys are still buying hummus, you're cheating yourself!
the cost for this recipe?
- can of chickpeas: $.89 at whole foods
- 2 cloves of garlic: basically free???
- scoop of peanut butter: maybe $.30 or so
- tablespoon of sesame oil: $.15
- spices: only a tablespoon of each, probably $.05 each
total: around $1.50 for a container, versus $4.99 from whole foods... whaaa?

and allow me to introduce you to the best thing you'll ever eat:
whole wheat wrap, banana, strawberries, sprinkle cinnamon, and a spread made from 1 tbsp cocoa and 2 tbsp almond milk.
holy junk.

i really doubt i could ever top this snack. my life is complete.

so, your turn!
do you guys have an incredible snack/meal recipe to share with me?
i'd like to see you beat this one! :)
- rebekah

p.s. - check out katie's awesome giveaway for a giftcard!


  1. The meet up sounds like it was a ton of fun - and I love the lunch-prep! The tempeh sounds great marinated in honey dijon...must try. I don't know why I never think to roast/bake my tempeh?
    And yea - your snack pretty much takes the cake over everything I've eaten today. Holy cow...must. try.

  2. Was it food-heaven you went to, or what?
    Goh, I know what I will be dreaming about tonight.
    And no way I can top your wrap, but the apple and cinnamon muffin my mother and I bake is pretty good. As far as I remember, that is, I have yet to challenge myself to enjoy one.

    You look beautiful with long hair, short hair, whatever hair you want- you are stunning and have eyes that no words do justice!

  3. I love this because...
    a) I got my hair cut very short today - but not as short as yours! I don't miss the hair at all. Hoorah for quick showers and no brushing!
    b) I adore hummus and the recipe looks great.
    c) The wrap looks amazing. Breakfast!~
    d) I just enjoy reading your blog!

  4. You are ready and raring to go for the week with all those roasted veggies and tempeh. I'm loving it!

    I tend to go through phases with making my own hummus, but you're right - it's so easy and way cheaper!

  5. girl theres no way i could beath that snack. i can only think of a grilled wrap with peanut butter and bananas.. but thats already been done. totally love that u made yr own chocolate sauce tho.

    btw LOVE oven roasted tempeh.. and u put it with sweet taters and zuchinni. YES PLEASE!

    totally love u with short hair better. long hair doesnt suit u as much eh. obviously u look good both ways but short hair- WOW! (i think its cuz ur face structure is structured better and stands out on its own.. long hair hides it)

  6. you guys are too kind.
    but seriously, make that chocolate sauce.


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