May 6, 2010

coconut brownies, anyone?

guess what i finally got around to opening?

the tropical traditions coconut cream concentrate i won in miss stephanie's giveaway like two months ago!

i'm so on top of things.

so, what is it?

coconut cream is simply ground coconut meat. period.
just like how peanuts are ground up to make peanut butter, coconut meat is ground up to make coconut cream.

it's 70% fat, so it's similar to coconut butter, except coconut cream has all the fiber of whole coconuts... score!

ok, so what do you do with it?
the website recommends using it to make homemade coconut milk (my wallet rejoices!), as a spread on toast, a soup base, or blended into smoothies.

well, what did i do with it?

funny you should ask...

cocoa coconut brownies

1 cup coconut cream concentrate
3 room temperature eggs
1/3 c maple syrup or brown sugar
1 tsp salt
1/2 tsp baking soda
splash vanilla extract
1/3 c cocoa powder (my favorite ingredient ever!)
and 1/3 c each add-in: nuts, chocolate chips, shredded coconut, dried cherries, etc.

mix all ingredients until just combined.
bake in a greased 9x9 at 325* for 18-20 mins.

um... aren't they gorgeous?
i couldn't help but drool.

these. are. so. good. these. are. so. good. these. are. so. good.

hey sexy!

i wish i had planned to be this awesome, but i also realized after i made these they are flour and gluten-free.

score. my little sister can now join me in snacking my face off.

and promise you won't laugh?
here's... um... dinner:

ohhhhhhhhhh mmmmmyyyyyy.

because really,
what's better than yogurt, fresh strawberries, chocolate, and coconut?

thanks again stephanie!
p.s. - check out the tropical traditions website.
they're a really cool company with an awesome story behind them. and hello coconut peanut butter!!!
- r


  1. These are calling my name - as is the coconut cream! Sounds even better than coconut butter. Can't wait to see what else you make with it :) And that looks like one heck of a dinner ;) I challenge someone to answer that question! haha

  2. Oh, man, that looks so good. I'd never heard of coconut cream but what I wouldn't give to make those brownies with it... :P

  3. hahahaha did you just say hey sexy to a brownie!?! amazing! bc last week i told somebody "i just eye sexed a pan of brownies. MMMM

  4. You know, I'm very picky about brownies...mostly because I'm not a huge chocolate gal. But COCONUT brownies? I think you have me sold...

    I definitely need to find coconut crem ASAP! Especially considering coconut products make up about 1/4 of my diet these days, haha.

  5. OMG yes please! love it! awe and the fact that u can share with ur sis.. thats precious <3 xoxo

  6. Ohhh WOW these look to die for. Since I don't have the coconut cream stuff do you think I could just use reg coconut?? I'm kind of tempted to go try it right now...!

  7. Hey there! I just found your blog through Healthy Exposures, and I must say it is very nice! And I would love to try coconut peanut butter :-).

  8. christina - eye-sexed! i'm so gonna use that from here on out!!!

    mo - i'll bring you some when we have our meet up!

    grace - the only place i've found it is the tropical traditions website. if you email the owner he'd probably let you review it for your blog!

    kelsey - yeah it's been so rewarding baking gluten-free for her all these years. it's the biggest gift i know to give.

    megan - it depends on the fat content! coconut cream is super high in fat, so it would probably sub for coconut butter and do ok! i'd test it out in a small batch first, and google some recipes. i bet avery from lovesveggiesandyoga probably has a recipe.

    ashley - thanks so much for stopping by! nice to "meet" you, and thanks for sayin hey.

  9. Those look so so so good!!! MUST TRY!

  10. Hey beauty,
    your last posts have been very interesting to read. You are reflected and give a lot of good information. I actually printed out your list of what to buy organic, very good to have ^^
    And btw : I am a kind and fun girl. I am also very clean, and can shut up when your cute ears get tired. That is why I think that I should come visit you and enjoy your brownies.
    Don't worry- it will be great.

  11. I've never heard of coconut cream but it does sound good. I'm a big fan of coconut and have been loving coconut oil in stir fries and baked veggies. I'll need to check out that website :)
    The brownies look to die for! Super fudgy, just how I like 'em ;)


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