May 8, 2010


hey ladies!
getting ready to run out the door, literally!

just wanted to drop you a quick update.

last night, i saw this:

in about 2 hours, i will be running this:

and now i'm asking this:

what is does the word "beautiful" mean to you? 

see you soon with movie review, race recap, and part 2 to last week's post!


  1. Good luck, Rebekah - and have fun!! What a wonderful thing to take part in :)
    And beautiful to me means more mind than body - feeling happy with yourself for what you are and have to offer to the world. Being your own you; uniqueness, kindness, thoughtfulness - your mind and body at its happiest whether it's a size 0 or 18. I am terrible with words, but I'm looking forward to YOUR post on this because you have a - well, beautiful way with words :)

  2. Damn, you're RUNNING it? I wanted to do the walk in the DC one but my mom didn't want me soliciting money from her friends, even for a good cause. XD Good luck!
    As for your question... pretty much what Jess said. I can't really say it better. :P

  3. Ahh thanks for your comment, love your blog <3 You are an awesome chica. Yes I have been through some interesting experiences. Psych hospitals are creepy, very creepy, will never forget the eery feeling. Also will never end up in one again. Bars on windows? Almost see-thru showers? Getting you pee measured? In the beginning an all-ensure diet(my mom told me I was beginning to smell like ensure) And girllll you gots to get yourself some NUTZO it is amazing(and expensive)! I'm gonna make some maple roasted peanut & almond butter today :) If it comes out any good maybe I will send you a jar. P.S. I have read your blog for a while but just have been lazy in commenting. P.P.S. You are gorgeousssssssss.

    I also made some delicious vegan "snobby joes" basical sloppy joes with lentils on ezekiel bread <3

    My definition is beauty is confidence, loving yourself inside and out and, not depriving yourself & EATING WHAT YOU WANT AND SMILING!

    don't mind my long comment :)

  4. good job for supporting susan g. komen foundation, im rooting for you all the way. ur always an inspiration and such a beautiful fresh burst of sunshine. love it! <3 xoxo


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