May 17, 2010

quick update.

yes, i am alive.

i've been a bit AWOL recently! i've been reading, just not posting.

and i've been juggling a few balls...
- hanging out with the boy, which is rare since he works two jobs!
- writing letters/sending packages to a few amazing girls
- making homemade larabars and black bean burgers
- blogger meet-up with three gorgeous girls: cara, christy, and brittany
- cheering for a local 10k (that cara and brittany ran, and did awesome!)
- running a bit and lifting at my new gym
- annnnndddddd a sorta serious post... more to come!

side note: i've been thinking a lot recently about how glad i am to be a part of the blogging community.

thank you guys so much for your wonderful friendship, the opportunity to learn from your strengths, and the chance to do what i love: help make a difference in someone's life.

y'all are the best! be back soon :)


  1. awe i love that u love the blog world! and we love you back. thank you too for ur support and comments and reading on my blog. ur such a beautiful spirit. and yes it sounds like uve had lots on ur plate recently; keeping busy busy. hopefully u can get some more alone time with ur man ;) ohhh them and theyre work.. hehe. xoxo

  2. was wondering what was going on over in your world - glad everythings okay and you're getting in some time with the boy (and kitchen, and friends, and family)
    can't wait to hear about all you've been up to! i've been having the same sentiments about the blogging community lately, too. isn't it just wonderful?1

  3. Aww. Thank YOU for being part of the blogging community!! Sounds like you've been pretty busy of late, which is great! Of course, whenever you do have time, come back to us with updates!! Hehe.

    Much love,
    Nat xoxo


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