May 13, 2010

a few recipes to share.

hey all! happy little friday :)
this morning i was thrilled to see a post from my girl hedda, nominating me with the beautiful blogger award!

well, let's see here... what are seven little-known facts about me?

1. although i'm not a big sweets person, i go crazy for deep, dark chocolate brownies. the chewiness gets me every time! gahhh i want some now. but if you even think about putting nuts in my brownies, i'll punch you in the face!

2. if i could live at the beach, i would up and move right.this.second. i am a beach girl for sure! nothing beats the breeze at the beach - it's pure, unadultured bliss. hammock, anyone?

3. i've traveled quite a bit, and plan to do much, much more. i've been to almost all 50 states, canada, mexico, and the virgin islands... i've seen the grand canyon and niagra falls, and i consider myself extremely lucky! on my dream list? australia, new zealand, and italy.

4. i've been in two near-death car accidents, and i know without a doubt that it is God's plan for me to live. my purpose is obviously not complete, although i've tried pretty hard to mess it up!

5. i swam competitively most of my life, and since i can't swim now due to a shoulder injury, i'm taking up my next vice - running. it's slowly growing on me.

6. i took spanish for 7 years in grade school. now, i use it to order burritos. score.

7. since this IS a food blog, my favorite foods? avocados, brazil nuts, caramel truffles, garlic, honey mustard, soft pretzels... ok, i just like to eat.

girl, you are too sweet! and now you guys know more about me than you signed up for!

ok, how about some food?

since i'm a healthy blogger who avoids sugar and all, what better recipe to post first than dorie greenspan's best chocolate chip cookies?

i actually own dorie's book baking: from my home to yours, which is where i got the recipe.

but kait from kait's plate has it posted online, if you get the baking bug :)

up next?
my mom absolutely loves horseradish, so i had been planning for a few days to make some hummus with it. seeing how i have kitchen ADD, i also got inspired to roast a head of garlic. 

... you thinkin' what i thought?

roasted garlic horseradish hummus
adapted from a combination of these two recipes and my brain
1 can sodium-free chickpeas, rinsed
1 spoonful tahini
2 spoonfuls horseradish
1 quick pour olive oil
1 huuuuuuuuge pinch freshly ground pepper (FRESH is key!)
juice from 1 small lime
1 spoon cumin
1 sprinkle red pepper flakes
1 tiny pinch salt

instructions? blend in food processor. feel proud because you "cooked."

and how about the best salad dressing i've ever had?

um, yeah. i know it's swamp green.
go with me here.

basil-orange vinaigrette 
adapted from sticky gooey creamy chewy
1 scallion, green and white parts
1 sprinkle red pepper flakes
2 cups fresh basil (from our herb garden!)
3 tablespoons natural orange juice
2 tablespoons rice vinegar
1 pinch salt
1 clove finely chopped garlic
1 pinch black pepper
1 pinch sugar
1 quick pour olive oil

instructions? blend in blender, and feel good about "cooking..." again!

questions for ya:
1. random fact about yourself you'd care to share with the class?
2. are you an exact recipe follower or an "eyeball it" cook?

p.s. - up tomorrow?
i'm attempting to recreate the energy bar jess so wonderfully sent me (i die!), as well as make some homemade larabars so i don't go broke! foooooooooooooood.
- r


  1. wow, you've been everywhere! that is so awesome. i have always wanted to road-trip it to colorado. i'm not sure why colorado beckons me, but it does. have you ever been to vt?!
    and i looove all the creations, the hummus and dressing sound especially drool-worthy.

    and you'd better believe i'm excited about tomorrow's post! i swear, mate is addictive. the guys at work would always say the back home again had me under their "spell" with their mate - i'd go there religiously for an iced mate and a mate bar, and mate is one of those natural things that used to be a bit scandalous! i've never thought to buy mate powder for bars, though - i should look into that!

    and be careful with the homemade larabars - once you make one batch, you'll never stop. it's addictive! especially if you make them in small balls like i do - perfect snack size ;)

  2. It's so cool that you've seen so much of the US! I feel like sometimes it goes unnoticed when there are so many places to jet off to abroad, but this really is a beautiful country.

    Random fact- I was a twin, but my mom miscarried the other baby. Kinda spooky, right?

    I'm definitely an exact recipe follower...otherwise, it's disaster. I like to stick to the rules!

  3. omg yes yes cant wait to see the new re-created bars!!! loved the cookies btw! hehe "from ur heart to our bellies" yum<3

  4. Love the random facts! New Zealand is tops on my list as well; I'm hoping to study abroad there. Although.. no nuts in your brownies? Not even walnuts to complement the delicious fudginess?? That's blasphemy! =P

  5. jess - unfortunately, i know their siren song... i've made them MANY times lol.

    gabriela - I AM TOO!!! so weird that it happened to both of us. i guess we we're meant for so much more :)

    kelsey - i can't wait either! i lovvveed the one jess sent.

    megan - i HATE walnuts! i know, weird right?

  6. I wish I had been to that many places - lucky girl!

    I am AWFUL at following recipes. I never have the exact ingredients and I just get a little crazy in the kitchen.

    Random fact: I always write my name at the tops of papers even if I don't have to hand them in. I get sick pleasure from doing it haha.

  7. I love trying out different types of hummus, I've never had a bad one yet..maybe because I'm obsessed with it! I am totally an eye baller cook. I don't really measure unless it's something spicy and hot. Random fact about me: Yesterday one of my student's compared me to Stacy from the Babysitter's Club. I dont know if that fits with a random fact, but I still thought it was funny!

  8. That is strong, to have survived two near-death accidents. Makes you think, and to feel like you are meant to live.
    I loved getting to know you a bit better :)

    I am more of an exact recipe, haha, not brave enough! But, my mother is all eyeball. Maybe it is because she has so many years of practice?

  9. That's awesome that you have been so many places in the country! So jealous!
    &that's so scary about the car accidents, you're right-God definitely has a plan for you! You are so BLESSED!

    and random fact- When I was little I was SUPER afraid of ET... he still freaks me out.

  10. garlic can be roasted in 20 minutes using oven and aluminum foil


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