Jun 8, 2010

credit where credit's due.

tonight, i made jenna's channa masala.

tonight, i ate jenna's channa masala.

tonight, i swooned over jenna's channa masala.

just givin' credit where credit's due.

random picture off my camera #1
for the next two weeks, my boyfriend is dog/house sitting for his best friend,
who happens to have the most awesome dog alive.

that's Capone, as in Al.

random picture off my camera #2
my boyfriend is also the most patient man alive.
not only does he listen to me rattle on and on about food, it doesn't even phase him when i make him stop to take pictures of ducks.

if we were at the park, this wouldn't have been that sweet of him.
but we were not.

we were at the mall, i'm a grown adult, and there were quite a few people around.
and yes, i'm pretty much always "that girl..." as in, "look at that girl!" and "what is that girl doing?!?"

happy tuesday, y'all.
and thanks to each one of you that have read my thoughts the last couple of days.
you're rockstars, truly.


  1. gotta love givin credit to meals that are divine. now im craving me some masala!! well i do have a can of chickpeas in my cupboard...hmmm lol <3

  2. ok now i reallyreally want to make that! it looks beautimous/delish! and your dog is adorable :)

  3. Haha, I would have stopped in the mall to take pictures of ducks too. But.. why were they in the mall? Whyy? How did they get in there? They don't try to fly away?

  4. Hahaha, what a dog :D One word : love.

    And ducks are amazing, especially those "regular" ones that you snapped with your camera. I use to feed them with bread, hihi.
    My other friends stopped doing that when they were 10 or so, haha, but I take great pleasure in seeing happy ducks. And feel a bit sad when there is always some of them that does not make it to the bread pieces, before they are all gone >.<

    Again : you are one cool lady, darling!

  5. Ayla - almost all the malls in richmond are open air, so they just come and go as they please! there's a million little fountains, and there's plants and fish and stuff... i think they just like the free food/attention, though :)

    hedda - you are too cute! i always feel sorry for the slow ones too :)


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