Jun 19, 2010

don't forget!!!

hey guys!
long, poopy day, but just wanted to pop in and remind you to send me your recipes for the Blogger Secret Ingredient Contest!

the theme is peaches - sweet or savory recipes, and a picture if you have one!

the deadline is tomorrow night, june 20th.

looking forward to some good eats!


  1. Aw sorry you had a long day! The contest is such a great idea but I have literally eaten zero peaches this summer! It's a travesty. I love peach salsaaa :)

  2. I'm bummed that I can't find any fresh, organic peaches around here because they're like one of my favorite fruits! I'm super curious to see some of the recipes people come up with, though :) I may have to try some out if I ever find those peaches....

  3. yesterday was like that for me.. i just came home and entered into a little coma hehe

    xoxo <3


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