Jun 21, 2010

BSI Winner

well, i think it's officially summer.

apparently everyone was out enjoying it and not blogging, because i only had two people send recipes for the Blogger Secret Ingredient Contest.

two people!

but i'm glad there is more to life than blogging, yes?

the theme this week was peaches, sweet or savory recipes.

the lovely two bloggers who submitted recipes were from Quips, Travails and Braised Oxtails and Biggest Diabetic Loser.

here are their lovely recipes:

looks incredible, no?

honestly, i would have been happy to sink my teeth into either.
you pretty much have to prostitute your body to pay for organic peaches in richmond, so they are a rare treat for me!

i loved the stories behind both recipes - check our their originial posts!

since i am required to pick a winner, i'm gonna have to go with Miss Michele's hand pies.
the lavender cream just calls to me!!! i wish it could be shipped :)

congrats to both lovely ladies.

next week, the BSI will hosted by my buddy Jessica at Healthy Exposures.
I can't imagine what ridiculous theme she'll choose...


  1. Thanks for hosting last week! Yep, some weeks are slower than others for some reason.

    Happy Monday!

  2. wow..lavender creame?!?!!??!? yeah..that does sound amazing!! :)

  3. Oh wow... I've never tried lavender cream, but it sounds amazing. Congrats to the winner!

  4. I sent you my recipe! I guess you didn't check the email that is on your about me pages? :(( I made a post about it today anyway if you want to see it. It was fun!

  5. Both of those recipes look awesome, and I am honestly bookmarking them and planning to try both this summer when the Colorado peaches come in season (august usually)!

  6. Thanks so much to everyone for your kind comments, to Rebekah for hosting, and to Biz both for starting this project and for being such a worthy adversary - your grilled peaches are high on my must-try list!

    I look forward to trying more secret ingredient recipes and participating in the future!

  7. THOSE ARE FABULOUS DISHES!! <3 yay to the two winners! great job!!! <3


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