Jun 7, 2010

thought for monday.

dear lovely ladies:
telling someone "girl, you look skinny!" is not a complement, nor should it be taken as one. it's simply a fact, like "girl, you're a brunette!" or "girl, you're outfit is whack...." ok, so i probably don't get told that last one often, but only because i have nice friends.

the point is, since when did it become ok to point out someone's body shape? you wouldn't walk up to an overweight friend and announce to the world what size pants she wears, and likewise, thin girls get tired of hearing about their bodies. no, really.

weight is a touchy issue with almost all women, and we don't need to draw more attention to the subject. so please, do us (and yourself!) all a favor, and give a real complement...

examples? "girl, your skin looks radiant!," "you look stunning today!," "you are gorgeous!," and "homegirl, that outfit is whack!" ... ok, so maybe not. but you get the idea.

let's build each other up, shall we? it's time we focus on the PERSON instead of the BODY.



  1. AGREED. Body/weight comments always make me uncomfortable. And hey, sometimes "Homegirl, that outfit is whack!" is totally appropriate... =P

  2. ahh, i don't like when people call me skinny! i used to be 150 pounds (i'm 5'2) and when i lost all the weight i LOVED being called skinny. now i want to be called beautiful! skinny to me doesn't sound like a compliment. i want to be strong! here's your compliment for the day: i think you are beautiful inside and out! and i hope that's not the only compliment you receive or i'll be back to give you more!! :) :)

  3. YES.
    I agree 100% with you, Rebekah. We are persons with so much to give, so much that has nothing to do with the size of our bodies.
    The numbers on my scale does not determine my beauty, nor do the size of my hips.
    I am with you on building each other up, on focusing on being healthy and ALIVE, not fit into a certain size we have defined as "the perfect". There is just as many perfect sizes as there are people on this planet.
    We are to look beyond somebodys weight and body and see them for the person they are.
    Thank you for this post.

  4. I agree with you!! Our personalities have nothing to do with size! also someone overweight can be healthier than a "skinny" girl and vice-versa.

    And one complement I always receive "is your skin is so beautiful". Well to be honest, your skin is based up on what is inside and what you feed your body with, if you eat a healthy nutritious balanced diet, it will show in your skin!

  5. yep..uh hu..it's just as rude to tell a skinny person they're "too skinnny"..lived with this all my life....people don't look at genetic code, lifestyle. or anything else..they look at you, see you eat healthy, and acuse you of not eating..yeah right!! but anyway..yep this is a good post :) And being a victum..i know how it feels.

  6. I agree, I don't think body weight comments are positive. You never know how someone feels about their body, and they could be very self conscious about their weight. There is no need for comments like that, they are not real compliments. Tell someone that they are intelligent and appreciated and a truly wonderful person, those are more meaningful comments in my opinion.
    Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog. I do have health problems (IBS and food allergies) and it takes a toll on me but I deal with it. I'm so sorry to hear about your fibromyalgia..that is an awful condition.


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