Jun 6, 2010

my week in pictures.

not a lot of words for today... just some long overdue pictures and recipes!

maybe this will give you guys a little peek into my day :)

the beautiful kelli sent me some goodies a while back, and deserves a hella shoutout! this girl is wicked creative... she made me maple cinnamon almond/peanut butter!!! enough said.
and i might add - the nut butter is almost totally gone...

and fig basalmic vinegar! gasp. thank you kelli!
i think i'm gonna go make dressing right, actually.

zee knees, post-run.

my rule? if you run for more than 30 mins, please ice, just in case!

and my foam roller... i love you.

don't know how to use it? now you can!

a random breakfast...

and a recipe!
this is some of the best gluten-free bread i've ever made. it's protein packed and super-nutritious, which can be rare in GF products.

the process:

the result:

seriously guys, make this bread! it's so dense and satisfying.
i'd choose it over whole wheat bread anyday... and that's sayin' something.
this runner knows her carbs.

the gluten-free goddess is probably the blog i'd credit to my success at GF baking.
she is a genius, and knows EVERYTHING.

i made these bars for my little sister (a celiac) to grab on her way out the door before 5:45AM swim practice - yes, seriously.
obviously, she deserves good grub.

i am to deliver.

the verdict? and i quote... "OMG THESE TASTE LIKE NAUGHTY COOKIES!"

victory is mine.

one of my favorite new snacks, jess-style.

melted cheddar + crofter's = bliss.
i seriously cannot say enough good things about crofter's.
organic, tangy, and not sweet? i like.

oats in a jar. at 5AM. on film. epic.

soft-fried egg + spinach + sauteed mustrooms + homemade guac.
i eat this quite a lot. no shame.
props to alton.

and iced tea, because i'm a good southern girl, y'all.

flowers from mom's garden... she's so talented!
everything is gorgeous, and she gardens organically - no sprays or pesticides.

i am so blessed to be able to pick chemical-free flowers and veggies from my back yard... thank you Lord!

last but not least, the recipe from last night's dinner.
really, really, good, and mostly healthy, creamy penne pesto pasta
(didn't photograph, but it looked like this!)

8 oz. whole wheat penne
1/2 box frozen spinach, thawed and liquids squeezed out
3 or 4 tbsp pesto (i used homemade!)
handful sundried tomatoes, packed in oil
8 oz. sour cream (i had leftover from a cookout, but this would be an ideal place to substitute greek yogurt!)
handful or two of grated parmesan, fresh if you can manage
few big pinches of black pepper, to taste
pinch of salt, to taste
optional: 1/2 lb grilled chicken, cut into strips

here we go:
DISCLAIMER: when i cook, i don't really measure. sorry type-A girls :)

started by cooking the man's chicken in a skillet with a tiny dab of olive oil. i just seasoned them up with salt and pepper and cut them into skinny strips. start with your heat up high to get a good sear on them, then turn it down to low to cook through. when they were almost done, i tented some aluminum foil over them to finish cooking through and keep them warm while the pasta cooked.

i boiled the pasta to al dente, drained, and returned to the pasta pot. i first stirred in my pesto, spinach, and tomatoes, coating all the noodles. once that was well-mixed, i stirred in my sour cream and parmesan cheese. things started lookin' pretty sexy in there, so i tasted it, seasoned it up with my S + P, and served my boyfriend who had patiently been hovering for an hour or so :)

i served it with crusty whole wheat bread and sauteed basalmic asparagus. if you and your dinner date are both omnivores, you should stir in the chicken after adding the sour cream and cheese.

i also brought him a batch of chocolate chip cookies to celebrate his track season ending (he coaches high school). i used this recipe from Allrecipes, but it wasn't my favorite. the Best Chocolate Chip Cookies from Dorie's book are still the best i've ever made.... if you love to bake, you need this book!

now your turn - do you guys have to measure to cook?
i don't even measure when i bake... terrible, i know!


  1. i love you for posting that gluten-free bread recipe!! THANK YOU!!! and pumpkin seeds are one of my favorite foods!!! SAVED THIS PAGE FOR LATER <3

    awee ur knees hehe, i love grabbing the frozen peas or vegetable bags instead of the ice packs.. something fun about it!

    WOW maple almond butter! id love to take a spoon in there, swipe some for tasting :P

  2. Youuuu have had a fantastic foodie week, methinks. I want maple-agave syrup! Rawr.

    And that's really sweet of you to make your sister gluten-free stuff. I'm interested in gluten-free baking but a lot of the ingredients necessary are stuff I never ever have around and I don't have a good enough excuse to buy them. :P

    And if Alton Brown were 30 years younger, I'd probably have a crush on him. It's a little creepy when he's 47 though...

    Sometimes I measure, sometimes I don't. I TRY to measure, though, just in case I want to replicate it. But sometimes I can't be arsed to get out the teaspoons.

    Have a great day! :)

  3. Aww love ya you are too sweet!! I wish I took a fab pic of your goodies! and love the eats that diner sounds delicious :) My birthday was nice thanks for asking :) I got a purple beach cruiser bike with a basket from my parents haha...i wish i lived on the beach! I am so making these healthy wholewheat bagel recipe I found the other day probably adding some buckwheat and oats..if it comes out good I will post the magicalness. I recently had a craving for bagels but want healthy ones :P and whoo oats in a jar

    when cooking I don't really measure only for my oatmeal and cereals :)

  4. Oh my gosh there is so much goodness in this post!! I think I clicked on every link for the recipes :D That is so sweet of you to bake something yummy and tolerable for your sister. I don't measure when I cook, but I do measure when I bake (but I still add my own twist to the goods!).

    That is such a sweet package that Kelli sent. It looks oh so good!

    And your mom's flowers look gorgeous! My favorite kind. I wish we could've met up before I left Richmond for the summer. But when I get back we definitely have to hang out. OF COURSE WE WILL!!! I'm so happy you got accepted into VCU (a big congrats)!!


    p.s. I agree that Edo's Squid is amazing!!! I remember I went there with my dad and his co-worker and it memorable. I had to recreate the sautéed broccolini appetizer I had there.

  5. I hardly ever measure. I just go!!! I'm posting a "recipe" tomorrow and I have no real measures.

  6. That bread looks and sounds stellar lady! I need to try some gluten free bread recipes! I tend to measure for the most part in baked goods but not as much in other things. What a fun package!

  7. Wow there are SO many recipes I want to try! Especially that cinnamon maple almond butter! YUM. Looks like you had a pretty amazing week :)


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