Jun 25, 2010


has been such a hard day, but such a gift!

i don't have the energy to ellaborate tonight, but basically, god has provided for me in so many ways today - job interviews, finally finding some relief for my stomach, incredible conversations with my mom, and a new friend.

i can't stop smiling!

the incredible thing about blessings? they're always there, but sometimes, we are just too distracted to see them.

god waits patiently, begging us to open our eyes, slow down, and see all the good things he uses to show us his ridiculously awesome love.

have you seen your blessing today?


  1. This was so beautiful! I love your positivity! I agree, we just have to open our eyes to our blessings sometimes :)

  2. Happy you had a good day! Today I feel blessed that I have crawled out the depression I was in the last few days, that I get to talk to my boyfriend so much, and that I have decided what to do about graduate school and am able to feel patient with that process.

  3. Thank you so much for your comment! It really meant a lot. I hope your mom is doing well! And yes, go Heels!! :D


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