Jun 26, 2010

don't let this be you.

i don't think i've ever been so offended in my whole life.

today i was minding my own business, reading an article linked from a news site.
i pulled up the window, and this ad was displayed at the top:

it was from Esquire Magazine.

um... why does no one call this like it is?

seriously? when is gang rape ok in advertising?

as someone who has been in a sexually abusive situation, this makes me SO angry.

i want to punch the people responsible in the face. there is nothing sexy about this.

look at her face - does she look happy to you?

heck no. even if she did, still. it's wrong.

this is so, so disgusting. i will never, ever buy D&G.



  1. I have actually seen this ad before, and it is just so disgusting. It amazes me that stuff like this is even allowed, you know?!

  2. Definitely a creep factor there. :(

  3. That's absolutely ludacris.

  4. This is painful for me to watch, and I can only imagine how it must feel for you and what memories are brought back.
    It is sad, isn't it? That one has to turn to the inferior woman/ strong men- idea to advertize a product. What message does that send out about the product? And more importantly : what values are portrayed?
    This is wrong in so many ways that I feel like jumping on a plane to the USA and slap the bosses in DKNY in their face, telling them that it is Offensive and hurting and take away the seriousness of being victim of rape.

  5. I find in general that ads are way too overly sexualized. But this one really crosses the line.

  6. When I first looked at this, I thought it was way to over-sexed and didn't like the creepy look the guy on the right is giving as he "looks on" to the woman and man in the center. Then, I read your post, and the more I look at it, it DOES look like gang rape. How disturbing!

  7. It's probably not the theme they were intending on going with, but that's definitely the first thing I thought of when I saw it. It's sad. =\
    You should try contacting D&G!

    I doubt I would have ever bought any of their products because they're way overpriced but I'll make sure to avoid them now. :)

  8. Thank you so incredibly much for your comment on my blog. You have no idea how good it feels, in a time as shitty as this one, that you're not alone. I thought I was over this whole heartbreak nonsense, ya know? Hope you are doing well too :) Glad I got a chance to find your blog too. You are one amazing girl! SO gorgeous too!

    Hope you're having a good weekend :)


  9. EW so tasteless huh! especially the animalistic sort of vile looks theyre giving off. time to take a shower.. i feel dirty after seeing this lol. not cool!

  10. Honestly? The advertisment really didnt bother me until you mentioned how it made you feel. That is upsetting to me. I guess the industry just makes us imune to recognizing how something can be percieved.

    Dana xo

  11. Ugh, most advertising in general these days just grosses me out. Especially for high fashion. And for most other products (cleaning products, beer, everything) the ads are so sexist I want to scream.

  12. Amen to your post! In fact, I did a module on gender inequality a semester or two back and we discussed how violent advertisements can be in relation to women, even if they don't appear to be on the surface. I think it's derogatory to women and it's horrible that models are being subjected to taking on such assignments as well because it is 'part of their job'. Tasteless to be honest. And sad too.



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