Jun 30, 2010

today's run, in photos.

today was so lovely here, i decided to do my interval run outdoors.

join me, will you?

here's where it all begins: the end of my driveway.
(although today, it began by wrestling the recycling to the curb, but that's neither here nor there...)

then, trudge with me through the waist-high grass, and pass the swarming with bees pretty bushes

cross the street (and look both ways!), sprint so you don't get hit by a semi-truck, pretend he didn't flick you off, and power-walk the 1/3 mile to the track.

take a picture of yourself mid-stride, looking quite demonic, while trying to channel your inner ashley.
and fail.

try to not make eye contact with the state trooper in the parking lot, and hurrah!
we have reached our destination.

on the other side of the fence...

this is actually where i went to high school.
but i didn't see the track very much, if you know what i mean.

the workout for today:
1/2 mile warm-up jog
running drills
2 miles running straight parts of track, jogging curves
10 minutes running the bleachers (blehhh!)
1/2 mile cool-down jog

the boys cross country team was there warming up, and i tried to stay out of their way.

after my run, however, the coach walked up to me and said, "could you run here everyday during practice? all of a sudden, my boys seem to have found the motivation to sprint..."
silly boys :)

follow it up with a very cool, collected picture of yourself you'd be proud to post on the internet.


while you're sucking air like it's your job, conveniently use this time for a photoshoot.

and my feet, since i know you're dying to see those...

the road less traveled.
no seriously, no one uses this.

laugh as you defy the sign, in plain sight of the state trooper.
livin' in the edge here, folks.

take a picture of your street the one second it doesn't have billions of cars on it.

you know you're home when you can see the bees bushes.

woah, these grew fast.
props, mom!

sometimes, VA isn't a bad place to live...

and we're done!
hit the showers, ladies.

have you moved your body today?
what's your favorite form of movement?


  1. Your run looked nice! I loved seeing every step of the way!

    I havent moved yet, but I plan to in a couple of hours!

  2. looks like fun, and a lovely neighborhood :) i got a chuckle out of what the coach said, too! haha. of course they have more pep in their step, they probably couldn't believe their little eyeballs!

    i haven't moved very fast today...but even staying on my feet all day at work and going for a nice little walk counts for something, right? ;)

  3. Sounds like an awesome workout! I did some yoga today but am thinking of doing intervals tomorrow perhaps?

  4. very cute post!! and nice workout! :) today I did 50 laps in the pool..then a little ab yoga!

  5. Love what the coach said to you! LOL I really like living in VA most of the time b/c generally (not so much right now) the weather is pretty mild. :)

  6. Wonderful,
    your run looked fabolous! I love the pictures of the flowers, tell your mother that ;)
    And no wonder the boys got their ass moving when you were there, nobody wants to look like a lazy one when beautiful girls are around!
    I have moved my body today, two walks with my dog. In a slow speed, just enjoying the beautiful surroundings and great, four-legged company.
    These days that is the activity I do, but I do love bicycling and walking in the Norwegian woods or mountains. Haha, nature's child :)

  7. I have always been a runner but since I can't do it anymore, I have fallen in love with swimming. It is SO refreshing, even just to get in for 15 minutes. It clears my head. I miss long walks the most though I think, I enjoy my little "mini-walks" around the block every day SO much!

    About to go swim right now!

  8. HAHAHA you're hilarious!!

    thankyou for taking us along on ur run.. does it count for my workout if i pretend i was there with ya? lol <3

  9. aww beautiful run!! haha i felt like i already ran today! guess i dont need to now. i love running SOMETIMES- but i love walking too!

  10. Hahaha silly boys :D

    Going to the gym today because it's raining cats and dogs again!


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