Jun 29, 2010

thoughts for ACTUAL tuesday.

yeah, so since it's really tuesday, i thought i'd post my thoughts.

i was just checking to see if you were awake yesterday, jess :)

two things you must do:

1. make these zucchini muffins from Simply Recipes. sooo good.

- recipe changes: i used half whole wheat, half all-purpose flour because my older sister doesn't like them too "hearty."

they are only improved by the addition of craisins and honey roasted peanuts. and that's sayin' something, because everything is better with chocolate, but they don't even need it (gasp!).

2. go to the store and get the new Laughing Cow Blue Cheese wedges. because God loves you, and cheese, apparently!

i mean, it's blue cheese, it's spreadable, and it's CHEAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SKDJ@#(@#SGAL@#($@2342834#($*@(P#*$@P#$!!!!!!

happy tuesday, for real this time!
found any good new products?


  1. haha, no worries girl. you seemed so confident it was tuesday that i was thisclose to believing you. see - you could convince anybody of anything if you say it with enough conviction ;)

    i totally forgot about the new laughing cow wedges! i really want to try the mozz one, thanks for the reminder! i'm sort of sporadic with cheese consumption, so those are nice that they don't spoil within a week!

    new finds for me? hmmm - i haven't been too adventurous lately, and i'm pretty excited about the coconut gelato still, haha. but as far as more healthy food goes, i'm glad to have found teddie pb - cheap AND delicious :) OH!! and Snyder's 8 grain & seed pretzels!!

  2. hahaaha!

    I must find those for my mom she LOVES blue cheese :) .. I agree with jess about the snyders pretzels they have so many new kinds that are so healthy! I wnet to a specialty foods expo today in nyc....and got soo many samples there and goodies of yummy new foodss

  3. Loove zuke muffins/bread! Especially with choco chips and walnuts!!

  4. Zucchini muffins! I love zucchini muffins! Actually I've never tried them but I love zucchini bread so I'm going to assume that I love zucchini muffins too. :)

    I don't blame you for getting the days messed up because right now they are all just flowing together and blending into one big day. Summer tends to do that though.

  5. "because God loves you, and cheese.." hahaha SO funny girl!!!! I NEED TO FIND THOSE

  6. blue cheese laughing cow?! WHAT!!!

  7. ARGH!! We don't get Laughing Cow Blue Cheese here darn it!! =((( It's ok though, I'll let you enjoy them for me... at least until they start importing them here maybe. If they do. We only get Laughing Cow Original Light here, or just plain old original, or ham flavour which I don't like. I'll stop ranting. x)

    About the zucchini muffins... looks like I'm going to have to buy me some zucchinis on my next trip to the groceries!



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