Jun 13, 2010

you asked, i reply!

goooooooood morning sunshine(s)!

a few days ago, i asked if there was anything you guys wanted to know about me, and you had some great questions!

here's my pre-coffee attempt to answer.

Kelli: What is one food combo you eat people think is weird?!

geez, i wish i had just one! my family members think something is weird if it's not standard. for example - if i add chickpeas in my spaghetti instead of ground meat, they think it's a strange combination. they also aren't a fan of spicy, flavorful food, and i add spices to EVERYTHING!

my boyfriend, however, has accepted the fact i am a quirky foodie, and no longer comments :)

if you were a spice what would you be?

red chili flakes. no doubt about it.

ever been taken by surprise by one of those spicy little suckers? that's me!

if you could have a foodnetwork star [love that mag get a subscription] be your personal chef, who would it be?

i actually am not really a food network fan, but i LOVE bobby flay. he's a marathon runner, married to the hott attorney from law and order, and cute as a button!

we could roast some peppers together, make mango-jalapeno salsa, and i would steal all his killer sauce recipes!

L: Whats the most appalling thing you have done in the name of fashion?

i wish i were more fashionable! i'm pretty a pretty simple tomboy over here, but i guess i wasn't always.

until my freshman year of high school, i wasn't even 5 ft tall, so i wore sky-high heels everyday to school! i can't believe my height used to embarrass me... how stupid is that?

What is the grossest thing you have eaten, and enjoyed?!

hmm, this is a good one. probably something i've dropped on the floor and STILL eaten.

five second rule???

Hedda: If you could speak to Barack Obama for five minutes, what would be on your agenda, you bright person?

honestly, i would probably ask him what i can do to make a difference. he sees our country as a whole, and carries a lot of responsibility to solve what he sees.
really though, the solution to our problems isn't in the president - it's in each one of us.
it's your turn!
tell me one random fact about yourself, or answer one of these!


  1. Loove Bobby Flay! And I totally abide by the 5 second rule too. =P
    Is cinnamon technically a spice? If so, I would most certainly be that!

  2. I would totally have Alton Brown cook for me. It would be like doing an experiment with Bill Nye, only getting to eat it.

    I love your answer to the Obama question. That's what everyone should do; just see what they can do to help. :)

    PS: the picture you showed me made my day. <3
    Annnd I'm almost done with school. Not sure when exactly though. :)

  3. Bobby Flay...good answer! I didn't know he was a runner, either. And Yes, I HAVE been totally caught off guard by a red pepper flake. It shocks me evrytime because it doesn't add much heat to the whole dish...but all of a sudden you're breathing flames. haha.
    I'd love to have Giada or Bobby cook for me.

  4. if i were a spice, i'd be cinnamon! bc i can be sweet and spicy :)

  5. I did not know he was a runner, kinda suprising! yes crushed red pepper do pack some heat aha. I would love Giada or Tyler (always had a crush on him).

    love that you use chickpeas instead of meat, I'm making a gazpacho with chickpeas today :)

    Random fact about me I am under 5 feet tall.

  6. I love how you answered these questions! Soo cute! Hehe. I love the idea of using chickpeas instead of groundmeat in spaghetti. I may have to try that some time!

    One random fact about me is I hate running/jogging. I much prefer swimming. That said, I do admire people who can run for miles on end! x)


  7. Aww, you answered both my questions!
    In the name of fashion, in high school, I totally wore tight crap and felt uncomfortable all the time! So young :)
    Andd the grossest thing... Hmm.. definitely things I drop on the floor and eat anyway. But also maybe something I ate in thailand or fiji. I cant remember anything specific at the moment, but I definitely ate some new and i n t e r e s t i n g things

  8. ahah you are so cute! LOVE these- these are so fun!!!

  9. random fact: I have a small owl collection. my weirdest food combo: greenbeans in ketchup ((this was back in the day...))
    people think pumpkin with cottage cheese is wierd..but i'm like shut-up and try it. lol I like this post :) and I would be cumin!!..(i love that stuff..so i'd just wanta taste good)

  10. i skip the 5 second rule and probably have the 10-15 second rule.. lol. or at least however long it would take for a little bug/critter to make its way over to the dropped food lol.

    haha i love how ur bf just accepts ur quirkiness.. haha yea they get to a point where its like "yup she's weird, but thats my girl and i love her :P"


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