Jun 17, 2010

you ready?

my parents' bathroom scale is broken.

no matter who weighs themselves, the first time you step on it, it says 112 pounds. the next time, 119 pounds. i'm pretty sure this isn't accurate for all five of us living here...

as you may know, i am not an fan of the scale. i don't weigh myself often, but every once in a while i hop on to check i'm not losing muscle weight.

do i really need the scale to tell me that? not really, but it's there.

when i realized it was broken, at first i thought about running out to replace it for them... but why should we get a new one?

i don't really believe that we can judge good health by the number on the scale, for the most part. i'm not talking about extreme cases, here - i'm talking about people who live active, healthy lives.

any athlete who has ever calculated their BMI and been declared obese knows how ridiculous numbers can be. if you have muscle, the number will be higher, whether it's on the scale, from BMI, or the circumference of your thighs.

can the scale be a helpful tool? probably. but i believe in the life of a healthy, active person, it can do more harm that good.

think about it. when you've gained weight, do you really need a machine to tell you? do you really think all your pants just mysteriously got tight, at the same time?

and when you haven't been eating enough, you know by how you feel. you have no energy, you look rough, and your bones jut out. you don't need to the scale to know that, either.

why do we put ourselves through the anxiety of daily/weekly/monthly weigh-ins? why do we let that electronic in the bathroom have impact on our emotions?

you are more than mathmatics, love. you are a person, comprised of actions, feelings, and powerful words.

look, i have been on both sides of the scale - disgusted by it, and terrified by it. but really, i am who i am, regardless of the number... when is enough enough?

will my parents eventually replace the scale? i don't know, and now, i don't care.

---> i challenge you guys to ask yourselves what the scale means to you.

why do you weigh yourselves?

what do you feel when it's higher or lower than normal?

---> are you ready for the next step?

go scale-free.

as of today, i'm not weighing myself anymore. i am me, take it or leave it!

i know it's scary, but don't you want to be free just being you? no numbers needed?

reactions? thoughts? anyone joining me!??

also, don't forget your peach recipes for the Blogger Secret Ingredient Contest!

your heavenly recipes are due by sunday, june 20th!


  1. Don't get another scale!! Haha it's so true that it is not a good measurement of health. I actually never weigh myself (except when I go to the doc) and I never want to start either!

  2. your scale is drunk!! i hate that i weigh myself so often but i do! like 3 times a day. and i'm obnoxious about needing to zero it out before i weigh in. ugh!! so crazy but i can't help it. i think i do it just to keep myself in check. :)

  3. The scale used to control my life. It would dictate my mood and could turn a happy mood into a miserable one and vice versa. I ended up in a lot of trouble because of how much power a number had over me, and my obsession with seeing a lower number every time I got on the scale kept me from pursuing a path that would lead me back to health.

    When I began to recover, I stopped weighing myself (getting someone else to do it for me) and it's been around 6 months since I've seen how much I weigh, and I can honestly say that I'll never be stepping on another scale again. You're absolutely right that we don't need a number to tell us how we're doing... especially when it holds so much power over us.

  4. Love this post.
    Love your attitude and your work to change our relationship with ourselves for the better.

    I have been a victim of the numbers on the weight. I took pride in being able to make them become lower and lower and lower. It was an expression of my power over myself. Did the numbers make me happier? Healthier? Did the numbers solve anything? No.
    Today I have to weigh myself regularly to make sure I am moving in the right direction, but I wish I could trash all the weights in the world. The numbers still control me, play with my mind. But I know that I will be able to let go off the scale and its numbers.
    Because my beauty and life can not be measured in numbers.

  5. I love this! I used to weigh myself and then that spiraled into my ed. Evry since then I do not use a scale we don't even own one. And when I go to any of my doctors I ask not to be told the number, I don't care the number as long as I am healthy <3

  6. This week I wrote a comment about breaking up with my scale & mirror! It was a tougher post for me to write, but it felt so great after it was done and all the comments I received.

  7. I completely think that if we are healthy & active individuals...we deserve to go scale-less. I have only stepped on a scale at the dr's office twice in the last two years and I was surprised that my weight actually went down or stayed the same those two times. We are so much more than our weight and if our clothes fit, who cares? Great idea to go scale-less girl!


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