Jun 16, 2010

days go by.

i am officially old.

today, my baby sister graduated high school!

love you, girl, and congrats!


as a result of said milestone, i don't have another disgusting post for you guys today.

but i can use this one as a shameless plug for the Blogger Secret Ingredient Contest!

don't forget, your peach recipes are due by Sunday night, june 20th!

you don't have to be a cooking whiz to enter, either.

sometimes, the best things in life are the most simple!

what was something that made you feel really old?


  1. Girl, if you're old, then I'm a grandma! One thing that definitely makes me feel old is my early bed time... I'm usually in bed by 10:30 at the latest, but I totally blame that on waking up at 6 ;) I kind of prefer it, though, because my days feel so much longer and more productive.

    And gah! That picture of the juicy peaches has me craving one big time! Too bad I finished off my last one today :(

  2. Congratulations to her! :)

    Still thinking about what to do with peaches. Pie comes to mind but that's not exactly creative. ;)

    I still use my CD player. That I got for my 10th birthday. I have never owned or used an iPod or mp3 player. But my mom has. Oh, and I use those big clunky Bose headphones (they're *fabulous* but oh-so-unattractive). If I dare to embarrass myself by going to the gym with both of those, I usually feel old next to the 60-year-old man grooving to his iPod. Either old or like one who dwells under very large rocks.

  3. haha yes you are very old!! lol jk

    xoxo <3

  4. awww congrats to your lil sis!! so exciting!! makes me feel OLD too!

  5. Congratulations to your sister!!
    And I feel old lately too. Turning twenty did it for me. No longer a teenager. That and everyone seeming to be getting married. Seeing the "kids" I used to ride with (then grade schoolers) now in highschool toting around boyfriends.
    Ee gads.

  6. My little brother just graduated high school too! I AM SO OLD!

  7. Having to be home at certain times to take Matilda out :D She's my responsibility and I never regret having her.

    Congrats to your sister!!!


    p.s. does the recipe have to be recent?


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