Jul 23, 2010

you up for a challenge?

happy weekend, everybody!

no big post today... everyone sigh a collective sigh of relief :)

i'm getting my butt in the gym this morning to do some strength training today. thank goodness.

and then finally getting to see my old freshman year roommate (who's getting MARRIED in three weeks!), so i'll be out and about for this fine friday! how about y'all? 

but i do have a challenge for you... you ready for it?

friday's focus: first impressions.

friday is usually the day of the week we try something different: new bars, new restaurants, new movies, etc.

with new experiences comes the opportunity to meet new people... and that can be either thrilling or intimidating, depending on your personality.

unless you live under a rock, though, the situation will present itself.

the challenge?

pay close attention to how you feel about these new experiences.

be confident - even if you have to fake it.

be proud of who you are - don't apologize for your quirks, jokes, or appearance.

and most importantly, hold your head high - you are a treasure. you are unique. you are gorgeous, hilarious, and worth someone else's time. don't forget that!

these new aquaintances will discover it soon enough, i promise. now go get 'em :)

doing anything fun tonight?
are you confident around strangers? why?
do new experiences intimidate you? why?


  1. I can be confident or reserved around strangers, it all really depends on my mood for the day. If I'm feeling good about myself then I'm bubbly and outgoing but if I'm feeling kind of gross, then my personality does a 180. The same goes for when I encounter new experiences - it all depends on how I'm viewing my body and feeling.

    I'm not doing anything exciting tonight.. probably just reading and going to bed early because I've been so tired. :)

  2. I get alot of social anxiety. Ironically this is usually about my friends or people I knew in HS or college. I am much more confident around strangers. But if it's someone my boyfriend knows that I have to meet, I get really anxious too. I am trying to push myself to go out more.

    I am trying to work on not apologizing for stuff I write on my blog...doing a lot better at that actually. I feel like I have less confidence on there than normal sometimes. I really don't know why...

  3. This came at the right time. I'm not going ot be with strangers this weekend, but I am having lunch with my mother in law on Sunday. We are as opposite as opposite can be and she is very judgemental about things that are different. So, my natural tendency is to just shut all of "Abby" up inside. That's not fair to me at all! I accept your challenge! I will be Abby and if she doesn't like me, tough! At least her son does!

  4. i actually love reading your long post because they are always SO insightful! Alas your short friday post is great too because I think the best advice you give is that it is important to act confident! People are always drawn to the confident people in the room because they just seem so sure of themself!

  5. Hope you have a great night, my friend :)

    My friday evening was spend in front of the television, haha. And soon my nose is diving down into a wonderful book. ( and no - I am not 80 years old ;)) Tomorrow will be more social though, with my fathers birthday.

    I am normally a very social person, not the one to be insecure around strangers. They are human, I am human - we share something which makes me feel more comfortable around people I have never met before. If I meet them with a smile, I am likely to get a smile in return.
    Not saying that I open up my heart and trust anyone though, which might make it easier for me to talk to other people, because I do not carry with me any expectations. If that made sense :)

  6. oh my gosh i love you!
    emailing you back tonight or tommo girl.. gota go into work and i want enough time to respond! have an amazing night <3

  7. I used to suffer from such extreme social anxiety, but ever since I've been putting more effort into taking care of myself properly, I've become a lot more confident and comfortable with who I am. The opinions of others no longer affect me to such an extreme degree, and I find myself feeling more at ease around strangers. You're beautiful, girl <3

    I don't have anything exciting planned for tonight, but tomorrow I'm going to see Inception with an old friend :) Can' wait.

  8. Yay for strength training! Hope it feels awweesome afterwards! :)

    I always seem to apologize after goofy jokes around people I just met, and I do it a lot. I used to be extremely shy, though. For some reason, one day it stopped and now I can't control my mouth around strangers. They just have to be the first ones to talk, I'm not one to comment on their groceries at the store, but if they comment on mine (like today - soba buckwheat noodles! haha) I will so start rambling.

    I like meeting new people.
    I like telling them about my life but pretty much just talking about Jesus. ("I am fluent in Spanish my husband from Mexican I want to be missionary hubby wants to be missionary we met online I want to tell everyone about Christ I want out of my job but I know that God is preparing somewhere for me so I'm trying to be patient")

    Pretty much had that convo with a UPS guy at my apartment complex. I tell you, if they ask, I go off talking.

    I'm excited to cook like crazy this weekend. Them bloggers give me too many amazing ideas!

  9. I find it hugely important to think about WHY I am doing things and then asking myself "what is right?" I have so many over-compulsive tendencies from my eating disorder that I feel like if I don't do some ridiculous things, I'll get fat. Crazy and irrational. I have to call myself out on it and realize it makes no sense and that I am stronger than that.

    I'm trying to be more confident around strangers! I also like new experiences, although, I'm so scheduled that it's sometimes harder to let myself, but I am working on it!

  10. i cant wait to try this out. i love a good challenge. i can only see positives coming from it too! excellent! xoxo <3


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