Aug 22, 2010

it's easy.

i have plenty of reasons to celebrate today.

for 21 years, god has given me breath each and every morning.

i've lived through two decades of sunrises and sunsets, even though i've taken almost all of them for granted.

miraculously, i'm still kickin' it after 2 near-death car accidents, countless mistakes turned ugly, and many, many broken bones.

i'm loved like no one else i know.

i have powerful legs that take me wherever i need to go (and look alright in shorts!).

i've been given thousands more second chances than i deserve, and i haven't run out yet.

after not being able to leave my bed for weeks, i'm hot on the heels of a half-marathon.

i laugh, and mean it.

i'm headed back to school for a career i can't wait to get my hands in.

god never stops dropping opportunities into my lap, all i have to do is accept them.

i've been left breatheless at the grand canyon, mexican beaches, niagra falls, luray caverns, south beach, st. thomas, and probably more i've already forgotten.

i never have to look far for a reason to smile.

i am constantly thrilled and shocked by the incredible people that flood my life: YOU!

food tastes good. real good.

no more X's of shame at a concert (shameful only because i end up crossing my arms and wiping sharpie all over my boobs...).

the older i get, the more i discover i've had the most incredible friend all along: my mother.

i can't wait for the next 21 years... what's next, god?


  1. Happy Birthday! Life is going to bring you so many more great things...buckle up for the ride!

  2. Happy birthday :-) I hope you have a lovely day, and may the future bring many more wonderful things!

    Sarah x

  3. happy birthday, Rebekah!! Sounds like you have lots and lots to celebrate. enjoy your day :) xo

  4. Ahh happy birthday! This might sound weird but I was JUST wondering when your birthday was, like, yesterday... :P
    Have an fantastic day! :) <3

  5. Happy Birthday to you, I hope you enjoy it - by the sounds of it I'm sure you will!

    This made me think about my birthday when it comes around... the past 3 or 4 years I've cried because I feel depressed about getting another year older and closer to death but when I really think about it I should be more like you and be thankful for what those years have brought me so far. Such an eye-opener at the things I/we take for granted.

    I feel the same way about my mother as well, couldn't live without her. :)

  6. happy birthday!!!!! this was so beautiful. you are a very special and smart person that has been brought into my life and has made me see things in a different way. thanks girl!

  7. This is absolutely beautiful - happy birthday to a gorgeous and wonderful human being.

  8. happy birthday pretty girl!!

  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You are so so amazing girlie!

    Love this --->"no more X's of shame at a concert (shameful only because i end up crossing my arms and wiping sharpie all over my boobs...)."

    Have an amazing day!
    xo, Susan

  10. feliz cumpleanos!!!! you deserve an amazing birthday!! Make yourself a chocolate banana cream martini (88 bananas, chocolate kahlua, crushed graham crackers). LOL and I do not even drink nor wish too.

  11. Happy birthday, and thanks for the beautiful gratitudes...reading those of others is a good reminder to look inward and remember what experiences and entities make me happy!

  12. This is a truly beautiful expression of gratitude. Wish that all 21-year-olds were as mature and phenomenal as you are! Have an amazing birthday.

  13. Happy birthday!! And what a great way to reflect on your birthday and what these years have given you. God really rocks, huh? :D

  14. Aw happy birthday Rebekah. Hope you're having an amazing day<3. Love the post.

  15. happy birthday girl! i love the line about your mother, it's so true though!

  16. You are wonderful!!! Happy birthday lovely! I hope you never stop reflecting and appreciating all that you are and all that is in your life. Wellll I Don't think you will hehe :)


    p.s. I sent you an e-mail :D

  17. Happy Birthday Rebekah! Hope you had a really really great day! Let's catch up soon

  18. I discovered your blog last night, and I cannot stop reading! Happy birthday! You're lovely :)

  19. I'm still catching up on posts, so of course, I'm late, but...
    Happy Birthday! I hope you had a great time celebrating your life. YOU are truly a gift to this world, Miss Rebekah.


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