Aug 19, 2010

thank you!

hey guys - i know i've posted a ton in the last 24 hours, but just wanted to clarify one more thing.

i have no issues WHATSOEVER with the premise behind the HLS. i think it's awesome, and i totally support the idea that the organizers were going for.

i also get the fact that it requires a lot of money! i can't even imagine how expensive it was.

my ONLY issue is what seems to be happening to food blogging... the negatives you guys commented about. i think many people are confused, feeling guilty, or deceived, and unfortunately, i feel like the Summit was the culmination of those issues.

i read the agenda, the prep work, and the after-posts - and i'm still saying i didn't go, so i'm not going to judge. it's not my place, or my purpose to criticize.

my intention was to raise awareness that a requirement of health is using your OWN mind.

i am thrilled the Summit encouraged bloggers to be healthier. that makes me crazy-happy! i just was making a point that it's not the whole picture, and it's worth thinking about.

and i get frito-lay has more money than smaller companies... but continuing to show support of big businesses who do NOT promote health doesn't encourage smaller companies to thrive.

just my thoughts. and i promise that's my last post about it :)

thank you SO MUCH to every single person who read and commented - i appreciate all of your opinions and you taking the time to share your thoughts!

the whole point of this was to generate awareness and conversation. thank you so much for joining me!


  1. Honestly, I really loved how you looked into the whole situation in a way that no one else really did, and I really appreciate your opinion AND your admirable ability to speak up! Empowerment, hell yeah!

  2. Ditto to Meg's comment. No matter where anyone stands on the issue, it's worth examining.

  3. I think it is great you voiced your opinion. Everyone has their view of what is healthy, so it is a fine line to draw with bloggers.

  4. I have been behind on your blog, but it was interesting to read this and the last few posts on the HLS. Reading all these posts about it and seeing the pics of people who went, both this year and last year, I have had a funny feeling about it that I didn't really know how to describe. Something about it just bugged me - I think because there was just so much FOOD, lol - too much for me, I wouldn't have wanted to go. But anyway, I agree that health just means what makes you feel your best for each individual person and that's all it is. You have to use your own mind.
    Sometimes people follow trends I guess and that is just the way it is.

  5. You're allowed to have your opinion girl!

  6. Keep voicing your opinion Rebekah because I love it! Your posts always make me think and encourage me to step outside of the box I sometimes tap myself in without realizing it.

  7. I know I am WAY late on the subject, but thanks for going against the grain and putting yourself out there like that :)

  8. thank you for your sweet words!!! it's never too late.


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