Sep 3, 2010

owning it.

once again, the beautiful rachel wilkerson  has blown up the blog world. after posting about something she wasn't ashamed of, girls all over have been realizing there's no reason to hide who you are.

naturally, i approve of this movement, and hopped right on the bandwagon.

what am i "owning?"

i'm opinionated and passionate.

and no, i'm not sorry.

will i step on a few toes? um... i already have.

will some people not like me? probably.

am i scared? sometimes.

do people point and laugh? yeah, sure, when i act like a total goober.

but you know what?

i'm true to myself. i know who i am. life matters to me.

and i'll never again pretend to be someone i'm not, just to please someone else. don't try to put me in a box.

so i'm owning it.

what are you owning?


  1. I love you!! I love that you're opinionated and passionate. And I love you own it! I certianly wouldn't come back to read your blog all the time if I felt that you were anything less than yourself :)

  2. LOVE this. You are amazing girl.

  3. im owning my sensitivity! im owning that no matter how strong i am i cant help but be affected by little things.. and feel really emotional on a daily basis..


  4. Beautifully said!

    It's great to see you share your real and honest opinion no matter how many toes you step on.

    Thanks for being you and owning it :)

  5. You and I are kindred spirits. I say what I think, sometimes it gets me in trouble or people misunderstand me or think I'm a bitch, but you know what, I would rather lose friends because I was honest than lie to them.

  6. love this post. i'm a sassy pants myself and i own it. i speak my mind but use discretion as i don't want to hurt someone else but i do speak in love even when it hurts

  7. Rebekah, I adore this and I adore you! I've been wanting to own it for a couple of days now but I still haven't gotten around to it.Thank you for expressing your opinions even if it's not what a lot of people want to hear.

    I own that the way I eat makes non-bloggers think I'm weird. I love my green smoothies for breakfast and I love eating healthy. Sorry I'm not sorry.

  8. I'm owning my life. No more letting irrational behaviors and thoughts be in control; I'm taking responsibility and living my life the way I want to and the way God has set out for me! We'll catch up soon and I'll explain more!

  9. I am trying to own my life but what I really need to work on is owning my MOUTH! Sometimes I just cant fathom how these things just tumble out of my black hole of a mouth. Grrr.

  10. I love this post, but I hear Dr.Phil's voice whenever I read about "owning it." ;)
    I own the fact that I am not as humble as I'd like to think I am.

  11. Rebekah!! Girl, you didn't need me to tell you to be unapologetic about how opinionated and passionate you are -- I've seen you own it in so many ways on your blog in the past and it's what makes you so great. Still, thanks for doing what you do like you do and for posting about this...more women need to hear a voice like yours.


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