Oct 4, 2010

gahh i'm drowning.

hey there beautiful people. today i'm swimming in homework, cooking for the family, and fighting off a cold, so no deep blogging thoughts for this noggin'.

instead of my post keeping you entertained, may i give you some suggestions?

- head to your library and check out, or if you aren't a dirt-poor college student, buy, the moosewood restaurant cooking for health cookbook. i finally brought this little treasure home after taking a hint from a very reliable source... check it out! you won't regret it, and you gotta make the southwestern black bean burgers - THEY HOLD TOGETHER!!!

- please read one size doesn't fit all by stacy at the habit of healthy. it's one of the most amazing posts i've ever read, and should be mandatory for EVERY female to read. leave her some comment love while you're at it... this girl is dynamite, y'all.

- the weather this time of year is MADE for long walks. skip the gym (really gotta twist your arm, right?), grab your camera, and hit up your neighborhood or a trail or park near you. listen to your momma and go get some fresh air!

love you guys! how's the weather near you? it's in the 60's here!


  1. My day has been crazy. Two test, shopping, run, blogging, homework. AHHH, I like it though! Am I weird? hehe

    It's so crappy out here. The weather is terrible! Its like 60 and RAINY!! YUCK YUCK YUCK..

    Love you !
    Dana xo

  2. ahhhh im sorry you are drowning in homework <3 <3 <3 hugshugshugs If it helps I am drowning in stuff to study for and cooking my life story ahha. And yes commuting is a little hard because you have to leave enough time to get to school FIND A PARKING SPOT walk to class [pack lunch] make time to study, do some sort of excercise come home cook dinner attempt to shower go on computer maybe watch tv if you have time then wake up at 6am next day haha :) OMG of all the moosewood books I have [like 3] that is not one of them booooooo!! need to go to library asap. I agree some bloggers def have eating issues dont want to mention any names I know atleats 2 that come to mind :)

  3. Keep on striving girl! You are doing great. I think I may be back in Richmond in Novemeber for a... marathon??

  4. Oh no, poor you! I too have a cold and loads of work. It's rubbish isn't it. Prayers and love coming your way xxxxx


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