Oct 1, 2010

make this slaw!

hey friends - i'm running an errand in Williamsburg with my mom today so i'm not sure when i'll get to it, but be looking out for my thoughts on make-up sometime this weekend!

in the meantime, make this asian slaw and die happy! i know it's crazy coming from a southern girl, but i'd never had slaw before because, um, i don't do mayo. i thought this mayo-free version sounded much less vomit-inducing, not to mention way more interesting (hello cumin seeds and coriander!). 

i substituted a bag of trader joe's broccoli and carrot slaw for the cabbage, and used homemade tahini in the dressing! don't you guys just love it when you can use homemade stuff in recipes? i feel so domestic :)

am i weird in my mayo phobia? any mayo lovers out there (shudder)?


  1. oh i hate mayo with a passion, i've NEVER liked it even when i was in high school. super gross haha. this actually does look really good, def something i would WANT to eat thanks for sharing!

  2. Im obsessed with Mayo! Seriously. Iuse it as dip for EVERYTHING. i dip my sweet potatos in it, butternut squash, veggie burgers, turkery, chips, etc. Its great with eggs! lol i know im probally grossing some peopple out but im a big mayo person :)

    Dana xo

  3. I've never liked mayo. Ever. Something about it just does NOT appeal to me. But I do have to admit that the organic Vegenaise isn't too bad. It's not so sweet which is probably why I don't mind it if it's mixed into something.

    PS. I'm buying the ingredients for that coleslaw tonight! I've never eaten coleslaw before because it grosses me out but that looks really good and refreshing instead of sloppy and unappetizing.

  4. You don't seem "weird" to me! I don't like mayo,either (but I do like tahini!).

  5. my mom makes the BEST asian slaw ever! that sounds so good! I HATE HATE HATE MAYO!! yuckkkk. its like a thick flavorless cream.. nasty!

  6. This sounds good. :) I am ok with mayo. But I am ok without mayo too.

  7. I hate mayo based salads - potato salad, coleslaw, chicken salad, etc.

    I'm not a husge fan of coleslaw but I'm at least able to down it if it's not made with mayo

  8. Have never ever ever enjoyed mayo. Don't like the taste nor the texture so I can totally identify with you on this. Lol. I'm not much of a coleslaw fan either but I have to admit, this does look rather pretty! =)


  9. I had a cabbage slaw just yesterday! I was a little hesitant at first because raw cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower are known to leave me a nice present lol--gassiness woo woo. Oh and I used vegan mayo :p I'm not a mayo "lover" but I don't mind it at all :) Williamsburg for the day sounds like fun! The leaves are starting to change colors, I say we go hiking soon :)

    XOXO it was so nice seeing you yesterday even though it was for a bit :D

  10. Bekah, you go! I saw that slaw at the market the other day and was wondering how I could use it. Hooray for answered prayer!


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