Nov 4, 2010


hey beautiful (and handsome!) friends -

how are you all!? i miss hearing about your days and what you've been up to. just had to pass on something i found worth mentioning.

if you have a second, would you read this article about body image and disability? it makes you think and might just open up a whole new world to you, one where those with disabilities aren't scary or weird, but beautiful.

thoughts/reactions? any news i need to hear?! i love y'all!

p.s. - i will be back with a product review soon, and hopefully a little update post soon!


  1. Hey! It's great to hear from you! Seeing your blog bolded in my little reader thing brightens my day, haha. I hope everything is going really well for you right now. :)

    That was quite an interesting article; I've never even given that much consideration at all. What caught me is that there's always a pressure to learn to love your body and that maybe this is something that's more natural than disordered if you feel a bit of disliking toward your body.

    That said, no one should give up hope that they can eventually find peace with their looks and feelings, but I liked the perspective that the article took. Thanks for sharing and I hope to see you back to blogging really soon!

  2. Ditto to Daniel's excitement about seeing your title bolded in my reader! I did a little jump!

    I am actually linking to that same article this week. It's such important stuff.

  3. Ah so good to hear from you girl!

    Thanks for the article, it is very heartwarming. I think anyone with any type of physical handicap has to learn to view their body different. What I really mean is that we truly discover the beauty that has been there all along!

  4. Great to hear from you! Off to read the article :)

  5. looking forward to the update :)

  6. Thank you for sharing a very interesting article with us. It adresses an important issue, and a very sensitive one. Can I as a abled person say to someone with a disabled " you should love your bod", " you should see the beauty in it"? Me, who has no idea what it feels like to live in a disabled body, me who can only imagine the challenges they face.
    All bodies are beautiful, but for some they must face specific challenges in the process of learning to love what they do have. I think it is important to allow people with disabilities to wish they had a fully functioning body, not judge them and tell them to appreciate what they do got. Because they can feel grateful for what their body is able to do and think it is beautiful, yet at the same time wish things were differently. If that made sense?

    I have not seen any disabled people in commcercials here in Norway. I have not given it that much thought before reading this article, and you know what? I think it is time for companys to widen their perspective - it is a question of representativity and identification. Maybe disabled people would feel more acknowledged and accepted if they too were included more in media and model campaigns.

    Love that you're back, Rebekah - your voice is precious <3

  7. I can't wait for more updates from you, beautiful!!! I hope things are going well :)

  8. we have that issue hear with dissabilities and trying to help support people suffering with them to feel beautiful and confident. theres a LOT of shame that gets passed on them and its terrible to see that even though society likes to ignore it, theres still so much discrimination and ignorance towards the issue. because thats just it, its an ISSUE which doesnt need to be one. thank you for putting this out here- i think its a subject that needs more attention and openess- if it were more transparent i think there would be less stigma and taboos and more compassion and acceptance <3

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