Nov 10, 2010

i miss y'all! and product review.

hey friends!!! i hope you all are having a wonderful wednesday morning. i slept until almost 7am, and am home alone enjoying the quiet right now :) what have you been up to? and i can't thank you enough for leaving those wonderful comments on my last post. you seriously made me feel incredibly loved, and it's incredible to know i matter to so many amazing people i've never even "met!"

a quick update? the fibro is pretty poopy, but God never stops doing amazing things to prove to me that life ISN'T about how i feel. it's about so much more than that! i'm realizing that this illness is the biggest gift He could have given me, because it made me WAKE the heck up and start praising Him for the incredible things He's doing in my life, and in the the lives of those around me. i've had the incredible opportunity to get to know some amazing girls in my life, and i am realizing now just how blessed I am.

school is going ok, and i can't believe i'm about to finish my first semester back in school! what a gift. life is going well at home, and i have been able to spend a fair amount of time with my mom which is wonderful. i'm helping her cook thanksgiving dinner this year, so keep me in your prayers!!! i've just been enjoying each new day, even though there have been many that were hard and i wanted to give up. if i can encourage you guys at all - never give up! EVER! you have no idea what the very next day will bring... and life is usually best understood when you can step back and look at it with new eyes. they say hindsight is 20-20, right?

just a quick shoutout of thanks to CSN for a wonderful product to review. i was blown away to be able to order 3 2-quart containers from Frieling. i really needed something to freeze soups in for my mom, and CSN graciously came through! i love these containers (yeah, i do. got a problem with that?), and they work perfectly in the fridge or freezer. and ps - if you need soup recipies, email me! i serioulsy have a quite the collection building here.


in other news, i've joined the dark side. no seriously, i'm a brunette now! i've been toying with the idea to dye my hair for a loooong time, but wanted to wait until the weather cooled down some (doesn't dark hair seem like winter?). and thanks to the evil influence of this girl, i made the jump! here are a few quick photos i snapped for y'all this morning... up close and personal, no?

aaaaanddddd enough of my face. i haven't been reading blogs recently due to school and meeting so many new people at my new church, but i seriously love you and all am praying for each and every one of you. fill me in if i've missed anything big or small, they all are important to me!

love y'all! hope to be back soon :)


  1. you look BEAUTIFUL! I love the dark hair <3

    Dana xoxo

  2. Yay! I LOVE THE NEW HAIR! Now we can be hair twins. ;)

    Those containers look great and I really need to get some. I bought a few glass containers for the first time a few months ago and I love them! They're way better than plastic and I feel better about using them.

  3. Oh my gosh... you are absolutely gorgeous! I love the new dye job :)
    It's so wonderful to here an update from you. Your positivity never fails to lift my spirits, so thank you for that :) You are a very special girl Rebekah!

  4. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I'm shamelessly envious of your ability to rock a pixie cut. You look gorgeous!!!!

    I'm so sorry the fibro has been pooish. You have just the right attitude though. I was going to email this to ya, but I guess I'll say it on here. The most valuable lesson I've learned this week in terms of dealing with my pain is the balance of acceptance and hope. Accept today for what it is, but keep hope alive for the future. Doing both is bringing me peace, and I hope for you too!

    You. are. bananas. Seriously. It was you who helped me to truly begin to see my situation as GIFT and now I feel so much lighter. Thank you thank you thank you!

    Sending hugs your way,

  5. i love your new hair color, so nice.
    i still need to email you with an update about my "situation." i must say this: GOD IS SOOO GOOD AND FAITHFUL AND ABLE!!! i will email soon with the details and have to say your prayers are SOOOOOOOOOO welcomed and appreciated more than you'll EVER know. it blows me away that you pray daily for your readers. you are such a special woman :D
    i will pray for your healing. have you ever read the book Joni by Joni Eareckson Tada? Amazing. It's an autobiography of how she was paralyzed in a diving accident. Decades later she's still paralyzed, but considers herself healed. She explains the difference between "cured" and "healed," and how she may never be cured of her paralyzation, but she's been healed.
    It's good.
    Anyway, i do pray for your healing AND a cure for you <3

  6. p.s. just saw this quote and thought of you :)

    Sickness has frequently been of more use to the saints of God than health has. - Spurgeon.

  7. Girl you're so beautiful! And I love (so much) how you praise God through you're fibro, it's one of the last things we think to do when going through trials, but it's what He asks most of us: to praise Him when things get rocky. You're such an inspiration, and your faith is beautiful. Take care, have fun with school and good luck with your mom and thanksgiving dinner! Will you be tackling gluten-free/vegan dishes? So fun.

    God bless YOU!

  8. thank you loves! you are all way too sweet. and nicole - i will! my sister is a vegetarian and a celiac, so that's a necessity, and seeing as how dairy makes my belly not happy, everything will "accidentally" be vegan as well! love you!

  9. I miss you girl! We need to get together soon :)

  10. I love your hair! i'm glad you have found a good place in your church--similar to me, finding my place and feeling just wonderfully accepted

  11. I must say you are very beautiful. I like the the containers pretty much and I am looking forward to buy one of those. I also admire the way you praise the Almighty in your own special way, and have found your way to peace in the church, it is indeed very beautiful.

  12. Hope you are well Rebekah! Miss your blog!

  13. Hope you had an amazing Christmas this year and Happy New Year! That God will continue filling your life with blessings, and health, and amazing memories with family + friends. You're a blessing, girl. Take care :)

  14. happy holidays and new year gorgeous <3

  15. I wish every one a very happy and prosperous New Year. It is that time of the year where we open our hearts and hands and welcome this new year with a blast. I must say you are very beautiful and I liked the review and I will get it soon for myself.

  16. Hi Rebekah. I'm thinking of you and hope you'll come back to blogging at some point. Hope all is well pretty girl<3

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