Feb 7, 2011


hey y'all! oh my goodness, it's been a long time.

first off, how the heck are ya?!? you could have moved across the country and i would have missed it since i've been gone! what's everyone up to? school? work?

goodness gracious, a lot of things have changed in my life as well, and i thought i'd swing by to update you guys. i've gotten some INCREDIBLY sweet comments and emails from my blog friends saying hi and checking on me, and can i just say how much that means to me? you guys rock my world.

so, where do i begin?

- i finished last semester with straight A's! i think that might have been the first time ever in the history of education. it was doubly a huge blessing because it was my first semester back and i was scared out of my mind!

- i started taking classes again this semester, but with everything going on health-wise, right now just wasn't the right time, so i withdrew. again. yesss.... i wasn't very happy about this, and i still am not. it breaks my heart to not be able to move forward, but you know, God is good. He's shown me a million reasons why withdrawing was the right choice. it still kinda stings, though, but i know this isn't the end of the road for me :)

- i have a job interview this morning! i am TERRIFIED to come back to work, since it's been over a year since i had to quit my job before. i am just applying for a front desk position at my local gym, nothing big, but for me? it's HUGE. i am so looking forward to being able to love on people first thing in the mornings. i might be the first face they see everyday, and what better opportunity to show love than that? AND bring in a paycheck?!? i'm psyched (as is my dwindling savings account!).

- i had to put running on hold right now. just not working out so well with the body, but i have still been able to be active! i'm realizing it doesn't matter whether or not what i do is considered a "workout," that just being active is the key to a healthy body. whether that's a walk or a 100 mile run, who cares? take care of yourself, and let the details rest.

- i decided to grow my hair back out! who knows how long it will end up, but i decided i really miss the soft femininity of longer hair. when i'm really fibro-y, it would be nice to have something soft and beautiful to kinda "distract" from the bleariness of my eyes, ya know? we shall see.

- as far as pain/fibro goes, honestly, it's been awful. it's been a struggle every day, and it's taken a lot bigger toll emotionally than i expected. i'm not sure why it shocks me to still be struggling to grasp this a year later, but it is and it does, daily. but God is so good - there isn't a day that goes by where i don't realize how much this has shaped my life, for the better. God continues to bless me through it and by it, and that blows me away. don't get me wrong, it still brings me to tears almost every day, but when you see the purpose in something, it makes it all worthwhile, doesn't it?

- i've been cooking dinner most nights here! it's been an awesome journey in the kitchen. i'm getting more and more comfortable, and learning tons of new skills/techniques, thank goodness! i have been doing a lot of soups, but also some more "structured" foods for our meals. i did get my celiac test again, and i am sticking to gluten-free from here on out. can i just say, I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER! seriously. if you struggle with bloating, i HIGHLY recommend seriously committing to a trial run of going gluten-free. it might be pointless, but if it could possibly help at all, don't you deserve that?

- as far as eating by a label, i will just say i am not currently able to eat vegan. my weight was suffering to the point of being dangerous, and i am still working with what is the best food for treating my body right. am i an omnivore/pescatarian/whatever? honestly, i don't really care, nor do i feel the need to "define" myself. i will keep you posted on how it goes!

now your turn! what's going on!?!?


  1. Just struggling to figure out my schedule, fix some eating patterns, find a girlfriend or someone who I can have there for me when I'm struggling with my ED, getting into my harder classes, applying and hoping I get a NACUFS foodservice management internship this summer (I find out March 10th!), cooking here and there, getting extremely anxious for next semester when I'll be living in the new suites and I'll have my own kitchen with 3 other good friends, eating donuts and Dominos, and trying to find balance!

    It's so great to hear from you, I'm glad you're doing better and this:

    "i'm realizing it doesn't matter whether or not what i do is considered a "workout," that just being active is the key to a healthy body"

    made me smile as I'm trying to learn the same thing.

    Congrats on the straight A's and keep up the good work. God bless and stay strong! ^_^

  2. don't worry too much about school, vcu will always be there :) i took a three year break and i'm back at it - you will know when the time is right.

    so funny that you just posted; i was looking for a new tattoo artist in richmond & i came to your blog just last week to see who you went to. i just had my consult w/ katie on saturday and am going back to her soon! you are right, she was so very nice.

    glad you are back :)

  3. Can I just say I was SO excited to see your post in my reader this morning?!?! I was thinking about you just yesterday!!! Congrats on the straight A's last semester! That's such an accomplishment, and aren't you glad to know you can do it?! I'm sure God has a marvelous plan for you, so don't get discouraged. I also think you'd be fantastic at the front desk :) (Which gym?? If it's Gold's, I'd probably die with happiness, haha)

    We need to get together!!! I hope all is well :)

  4. It's so good to see you blogging again girl!

    You helped me so much when I had to cancel my fall semester 6 months ago so I know that you can make it through this. Remember what you told me: 4 years is not a "magic number"!

    And GOOD LUCK on your interview! I think the job sounds great - not too taxing physically, but it allows you to be around people and something you are so passionate about : )

    I am so so sorry about the pain, but pleased to hear that God is working wonders for you. That's just beautiful!

  5. OH MY GOSH!! I was wondering when another post would pop up. We need to have a nice long skype session or email soon because I had no idea you withdrew from school! You are amazing and so inspirational for managing to stay positive and I know great things are store for you.

    I've been thinking of going gluten-free for a month to see how it treats me. Today is day 7 I think. So, one week! I think is the key word though because something with gluten may have snuck in there.

    LOVE YOU <3 We WILL talk soon. If we don't skype soon I will.. I will.. cry. ;)

  6. welcome back!!!! i hope that you continue to gain strength and your pain decreases in the coming warmer months! i sold my house in january and closed on jan 26th. i moved 4 hours away from old home to the city in a townhouse! i got hired to continue working in science research and start next week :) lots of changes up in here!

  7. So thrilled to see this update from you! And glad that you are in place of taking care of yourself in various ways. Hope to read more from you in the future... ;-)

  8. Welcome back! I'm sorry you've been feeling so bad, but you seem to be taking it in stride. I've stopped running completely and it's made a HUGE difference in my fibro pain. I just walk and do a 30 minute strength routine on the days I don't walk.
    Good luck in the interview!

  9. So happy to see you back!! I love all of your "God is good" comments, because you are SO RIGHT!!! He's been breakin', makin' & moldin' me into a true woman of God!
    You have urged me to do a "trial run" of being gluten-free because I definitely am always bloated& it's soo annoying! Question: do oats contain gluten? I looked it up, but didn't get a clear answer. Thanks & welcome back sister!:)

  10. I was so happy to see a comment from you today and that you're back and WELL! A refreshing face to "see" :)
    I agree with so many points you've said here. Especially the working out bit and the labeling bit. I do "little" things workout wise because I know it's good for my health and I DO feel good afterwards, and also because I want to stay fit for riding (because why should my horse have to carry around someone who isn't as fit as they need to be? it's a team sport!)...and that's it! It doesn't matter what I do, really, just so long as I get my heart pumpin' a littttle bit faster than usual.
    Aaand, I wish labels were never created. That is all.
    I'm very sorry to hear you've been having a painful couple of months. Hang in there! I know you have a bright, promising future ahead of you :)

  11. im growing my hair out too.. im not sure if i will re-cut it later on but i definitely like switching it up and sometimes being less edgy..more feminine.. yet other times i like the shorter look. but you can also pull off both long and short so you'll look fabulous either way!

    yay for straight A's btw! and good luck with you job interview! going back to work is a major fear and ive slowly had to get over it through teaching yoga..but its one of those things that i struggle with because im such an entrepreneur in every aspect of my personality.

    ive missed you and your posts terribly! im sorry to hear that uve been struggling a bit..and actually hitting a dangerous level. but definitely i believe in avoiding all labels of what a person eats. the bottom line is to eat for your health and nothing else and no one else. from that point, you'll be able to do what you know you need to, to take care of your body. im glad you are making those steps for yourself!

    xoxo <3

  12. You're back!! :) Good luck with the job interview... altough you'll nail it. Text me

  13. I was excited to see a new post too =). You go girl with your straight As. I will be emailing you back soon. Love<3

  14. I may have squealed a little when I saw a bold "1" next to Clarity In Creation in my Google Reader (only...maybe) - I'm so happy to hear from you girl! Thanks for the update on your life and for sharing all the amazing things God is doing in it.

    Congrats on doing so well in school last semester! Straight A's is no joke, that's hard business and I soo respect anyone that can do so. Maybe it's jus' 'cause I was never too good at school ('cept Spanish class and art, of course!) but man.. you're amazing!

    I'll be praying for your health, and your new job (hooray desk job @ a gym!) that Jesus' love would shine through you daily onto the people you meet in the morning!

    Take care lovely girl :)

  15. Daniel – I love how honest you are! I know how hard you’ve worked to regain your health, in heart and soul… just wait, the girls will come running! And please keep me posted about the internship! I love to hear how balanced you are. You rock, buddy!

    Kim – thank you friend! I just hate to HAVE to take time off, not by choice, ya know? Thank you so much for your encouragement! And YAY TATTOOS! Send me an email picture when you get it, ok? I can’t wait until the summer… finishing my half-sleeve : )

    Liz- thank you so much honey! It wasn’t by my strength, but by God’s grace for SURE. And I should hear back from Am Fam soon : ) yes – please text me!

    Susan – thank you friend! You are so wonderful.

    Ayla – EMAIL ME PRETTY GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and keep me posted on your GF trial!

    Delicate place – thank you so much! And your changes sound so EXCITING!!! Keep me posted!

    Ashley – you are so beautiful. Thank you sunshine!

    Melissa – I am THRILLED to hear you are feeling better! And I totally agree – I do a lot more strength training, a lot less cardio now. It’s good though because I view exercise purely for pleasure and pain maintenance now… so much healthier. You doin ok?

    Rachel – you are so adorable! I love you! and I’m so sorry you’re bloated. About the oats – research is very mixed, but I would say for your trial run, avoid them. There are certified GF oats, but even those have been found to cause a reaction to people if you are VERY sensitive. I would test first without them, then try adding them back in before you add bread and stuff to see how it goes. When all else fails, go to the doc!!!

    Jess – I have missed you like CRAZY! I am thrilled to hear things are going well, and I LOVE your healthy approach to life. It’s awesome to see you grow!

    Kelsey – you are so wonderful. Thank you so much! I know… I’m gonna miss my short hair, but I’m looking forwards to having some locks to play with : ) ps – you look drop-dead gorgeous!

    Missy – you are so cute! I perused your blog the other day and am SO proud to see how well you are doing. You rock!

    Chuck – I love you!

    Aimee – loved emailing you girlfriend.

    Nicole – I was JUST thinking about you the other day!!! I’ve missed your spirit and your enthusiasm for life. I miss reading your blog to brighten my day. Please shoot me an email and update me on everything! And thank you SO SO much for the prayers!


  16. Hey Rebekah!

    Thank you SO much for your sweet comment on my blog. I am so happy to have found yours. You are so positive and upbeat in your posts, I love this! It takes a very special person to find the positive in everything.

    I'm glad you made the suggestion to try a gluten-free diet if you struggle with bloating. I have ALWAYS struggled with bloating. In fact, when I first began dieting five years ago my goal was to lose weight until I had a "flat tummy." Of course the flat tummy never came and I was just left in a physically dangerous place and scared out of mind to climb out of it. I might just have to try gluten-free...it would be an interesting experiment.

    I can't wait to read more of your posts, beautiful! : )



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