Mar 15, 2010

allow me to ed-u-macate y'all.

hey guys.
hope your monday isn't too rough!

i've been thinking about the blog today, and i think i might change my posts to one day a week of eats, or just when i ACTUALLY eat something interesting. for once.

i have a lot of things i'd like to post on and i feel bad about dumping these HUGEEEEEEEEE posts on you guys before i get to the interestin stuff. and besides, it's not like you guys don't know what a veggie wrap looks like.
so, until i get more interesting, i'll probably be mixing it up!
for today, i have a little tidbit for you guys, and a GOAL!
1) check out "my issues" page. hopefully it will help spread fibromyalgia awareness and bond us together in knowledge.
2) GOAL - i am training for my first half-marathon! keep me accountable guys!

anybody have anything big up this week?
- rebekah


  1. good luck training!! i'm doing a 5k tomorrow and a 10k over a bridge (YIKES) in 10 days!! when is your marathon? at least you're smart and are training ahead of time...gah

  2. Half-marathon! How exciting! I hope to run one someday, too. How should I keep you accountable? Haha, bombard you with comments saying. "RUN, damn it, RUN!!!" ? ;-p

  3. sophia - it is exciting!!! and yes that would work! and hey... if i can run, you CERTAINLY can! i'm like a jellyfish trying to run. keep trying!


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